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The loan balance calculator allows you to compute the remaining balance of your loan. If you want to quickly check how much you still have to repay – you have found the right tool. Our universal loan balance calculator may be used as a
personal loan remaining balance calculator, a car loan balance calculator or a mortgage balance calculator. All you need to do to calculate the remaining loan balance is to fill the appropriate fields below.

How to use our loan balance calculator

First of all, enter the original loan terms:

  • the loan amount,

  • the loan interest rate on a yearly basis. (Don’t you know how to calculate annual interest on the basis of monthly or quarterly interest rate? Use our APY calculator),

  • the loan term,

  • the time that has passed by since you took a loan.

That’s all! The amount in the field loan remaining represents the value of your remaining loan.

Example of use of the remaining balance calculator

Let's try the loan balance calculator on a simple example.

  • On 1st May 2016 you borrowed 10,000 USD to buy a new car (it was a standard car loan).

  • The payback period was set as five years.

  • The interest rate in the loan was set as 5% (want to know what is your monthly payment? See our interest calculator).

  • Now, it is May 2018. The question is how much you still owe to the bank.

The answer provided by our loan balance calculator is that your remaining loan balance is 6,297 USD.

Formula for remaining loan balance

In order to calculate the remaining loan balance you need to apply the following formula:

loan_remaining = loan*(1 + r)^k - loan * [((1 + r)^n - 1) / r]


  • loan – the amount of loan
  • r – the interest rate expressed on a monthly basis
  • n - loan term, which is the period for which the loan was granted
  • k - the time that passed since you have taken a loan.

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Why do people take loans?

There are dozens of reasons why people take out loans. Among the most popular there are needs such as:

  • Car purchase - Car loan is one of the most popular types of loan. Usually, the cost of buying a car is a few times higher than your salary, so you need to find additional money to buy it.

  • Home renovation or improvement - Most of us always have something to improve in the house. You can finance these cost by taking the bank loan.

  • Vacations/dreams - Sometimes realization of our dreams requires a lot of money (e.g., traveling, ideal wedding, unforgettable party).

  • Medical expenses - In some cases people are forced to borrow money to cover their unexpected medical expenses.

  • Bill consolidation - Nowadays, almost everyone has bills or debt of some sort. You can decide to consolidate your debts into just one loan. There are two reasons to do it: convenience (you have only one debt) and costs (in a consolidated loan, the interest rate is usually lower).

Moreover, one of the most popular types of loan is a mortgage which is a type of loan that allows you to finance the purchase of a home.

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