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Baye, M. Managerial Economics and Business Strategy (2009)
Last updated: Sep 19, 2023

Convert your hourly salary to annual salary using our annual salary per hour calculator. You can also obtain your hourly wage from your annual salary and the number of working hours per week.

Below, we will cover:

  • How to calculate yearly income from hourly;
  • How to convert yearly to hourly salary;
  • What is the annual salary of $20 per hour; and
  • Examples of hourly to yearly salary calculation.

How do I calculate yearly income from hourly?

To calculate your annual salary from your hourly, follow these steps:

  1. Write down your hourly rate. E.g., $30 /h.

  2. Write down the number of hours you work per week. E.g., 40 hours.

  3. Multiply both numbers by the number of workweeks in a year (52 weeks):

    annual salary = hourly × hours per week × number of workweeks.
    30 × 40 × 52 = $62400.

Our annual salary per hour calculator not only can easily calculate this for you but also show you your wage as:

  • Daily wage;
  • Weekly wage; or
  • Monthly wage.

🙋 There are more options available in our annual salary per hour calculator. Select the advanced-mode to show them!

How do I convert yearly to hourly salary?

To calculate your hourly salary from your yearly, follow these steps:

  1. Write down your yearly salary.
  2. Write down the number of hours you work per week.
  3. Divide the yearly salary by the product of your weekly working hours and 52 (the number of working weeks per year).
    The result is your hourly salary: hourly = yearly / (hours per week × 52).

As you see, converting between hourly and yearly salary is easy. You only need to either multiply or divide hourly or yearly, respectively, by the product of your working hours per week and the number of workweeks in a year!

Why is calculating the hourly salary important?

Calculating the hourly salary is a crucial and easy step to compare wages between job offers. Since there are many different ways an employer can present your future wage (yearly, monthly, or daily), putting each option in a way that shows the financial return of your time invested working is highly beneficial.

Remember that salary alone is not the only thing you should consider while looking for a job. Different positions can offer more or fewer benefits, and you should consider the whole picture while taking an important decision, such as taking on a new job or switching from your current job.


What is the annual salary of $20 per hour?

$41,600. An hourly rate of $20 is equal to an annual salary of $41,600 considering a full-time job (40 hours per week) and 52 working weeks in a year.

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