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How to use our time and a half calculatorWhat is overtime pay?How do I calculate my overtime pay?What is double-time pay?Is overtime pay a federal mandate in the United States?How do I calculate time and a half plus my standard salary?FAQs

Are you interested in calculating your time and a half and overtime pay? Are you one of those people who gets overwhelmed when dealing with too many figures? Worry no more. Our overtime and holiday pay calculator will help you calculate your total salary based on the number of hours worked along with the standard pay rate or an overtime rate.

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  • What is overtime pay;
  • How to calculate overtime pay;
  • What is time and a half;
  • How to calculate pay for time and a half;
  • The overtime pay requirements in the United States; and
  • What is double-time pay.

How to use our time and a half calculator

Our time and a half calculator allows you to use your standard pay rate to calculate 🧮 the overtime rates for time and a half, double pay, and triple pay.

It allows you to enter the number of hours⌚ worked and the standard pay rate to calculate the total amount of money💰 you earn when you combine your standard and overtime pay.

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What is overtime pay?

Overtime pay is the money💰 paid to employees as compensation for working beyond the required number of hours ⌚ in a standard workweek. Overtime pay is usually higher 👆 than an employee's pay during the typical workday. It applies to holidays, weekends, or work done outside of the standard 8-hour workday.

How do I calculate my overtime pay?

For those interested in the formula used to calculate overtime, we have you covered.
Here is how we calculate time and a half for holiday pay
We calculate time and a half using the following formula:
Time and a half = standard rate × 1.5 × number of hours
So, using the formula above, if the standard hourly rate for Company X is $20, and an employee worked 5 hours at a rate of time and a half, the overtime pay will be:
Time and a half = 20 × 1.5 × 5 = $150.

To calculate double and triple time pay, we use the following formulas
Double time pay = standard rate × 2 × number of hours
Triple time pay = standard rate × 3 × number of hours

Calculating total earnings
We, therefore, calculate total earnings by adding the various overtime pay to the standard salary for the given period.

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🔎 As the name suggests, time and a half is the name given to overtime, where companies pay💰 employees 1.5 times the amount of money they typically earn during the standard working hour.

What is double-time pay?

Double-time pay is where an employee is paid twice his standard wage for work done outside of the regular work hours. An employer may opt to pay double when an employee has worked more than the typical 40-hour week or for work done on weekends or holidays.

Is overtime pay a federal mandate in the United States?


According to the U.S. Department of Labour, the Fair Labour Standards Act requires employers to pay none exempt employees overtime for hours worked in excess of 40 in a given workweek.

How do I calculate time and a half plus my standard salary?

Follow these steps to calculate your week's earnings:

  1. Multiply your standard rate per hour by the number of hours in a typical work week (usually 40).
  2. Multiply your standard rate per hour by 1.5 and then by the number of overtime hours.
  3. Add the answer in one and two together to get your week's wage.

What are the negative impacts of mandatory overtime?

Here are some negative impacts of mandatory overtime:

  • Increase health risks:
    Working long hours increases an employee's chances of developing physical and mental health issues.
  • Low employee morale:
    Employees who are stressed out or tired are not happy, and as a result, this can affect the morale of all employees in the office.
  • Reduced productivity:
    When employees are tired or stressed production decreases.
  • Increased safety risks:
    When employees are tired, they are less attentive; mandatory overtime can increase workplace accidents.

What is the double time rate if my standard rate is 20 dollars per hour?


To calculate your double-time rate, multiply your standard pay rate by 2.
So using this process $20 * 2 = $40.

Do employers have to pay double time?

There are some instances where employers have to pay double time.

If double-time pay is part of your employment contract, employers are required to pay it. However, the overtime rate differs from place to place. You need to check your employment contract or the labor laws in your area to determine what rate of overtime pay you are entitled to.

According to Wage/Advocates, in the United States, only California has a law requiring employers to pay double time.

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