Realtor Commission Calculator with VAT

Created by Mateusz Mucha
Reviewed by Jack Bowater
Last updated: May 12, 2022
Realtor commission with VAT adds tax on top of the realtors commission (not on top of the price of the house, though).

This is a variant of the realtor commission calculator which also adds value added tax to the commission (but only to the commission, we assume that the house price is not a subject to VAT). Also, it appears that in most cases the commission is only taken from the selling party. We know there are exceptions, and if you'd like us to cover another case, we'll happily build a calculator for you. Just contact us. You can find our details at the bottom of the page.

An example situation: a realtor is an intermediary in a transaction. The house sells for €100000. Realtor's commission is 3% and a 23% VAT rate applies. The net commission is €3000, which becomes €3000 + (€3000 * 0.23) = €3690 gross. So the total the owner of the house receives is €100000 - €3690 = €96310.

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Mateusz Mucha
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