Trump's Taxes vs. Your Taxes Calculator

Created by Bogna Szyk and Steven Wooding
Reviewed by Jack Bowater
Last updated: Feb 02, 2023

Recent reports say that Donald Trump only paid $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017. How does this figure compare with how much tax you paid last year? What extra treats could you buy yourself if you only had Trump's tax bill?

Alternatively, what additional resources could be brought for the US public if Trump paid the same amount of tax as you? Trump's Taxes vs. Your Taxes Calculator will answer all these questions with math and numbers.

Trump's low tax bill explained

So how can a wealthy person have such a low tax bill? They achieve this extraordinary feat by having companies that report loses that offset others that make profits, offsetting income against large loan repayments (Trump currently owes $300 million) and claiming allowances (e.g., Trump claimed $70,000 for the upkeep of his hair).

If you can afford very creative accountants, you can set things up to pay minimal taxes. In fact, Trump paid no federal income tax in 10 out of the last 15 years. Very creative accountants, indeed!

How to use Trump's tax calculator

It's quite straightforward. You only really need to fill in the amount of tax you paid last year. We've pre-filled this value with the average amount of federal tax paid in 2018 ($9,302) as a starting figure.

You will then see how many times more tax you paid than Trump. It's probably a lot! Twelve times the amount for the average tax payer.

But what if you didn't have to pay that tax? The calculator lists the number of the following luxury items that suddenly become affordable to you:

  • Dom Perignon champagne ($199.97)
  • Tiffany rings ($675)
  • Pounds of Ossetra caviar ($517.56 per lb)
  • Bottles of Trump Premium Vodka ($4,800)
  • Rolex watches ($7,575)

Now let's look at it another way. What could the US government provide for the American public if Trump paid the same taxes as you? We show you the number of:

  • N95 masks ($5.55)
  • Litres of Purell handwash ($10)
  • COVID tests ($127)
  • Food stamps ($129.83 per month per person)
  • Textbooks (an average student spends $1,000 a year on them)

That's a lot of extra resources the US could do with right now.

Bogna Szyk and Steven Wooding
Your tax in 2019
Trump's tax
You paid...
x more than Trump!
If you paid as little as Trump, over a year you could use the rest to splurge on...
Dom Perignon bottles 🍾
pounds of Ossetra caviar 🍥
Tiffany rings 💍
bottles of Trump Premium Vodka 🍸
Rolex ⌚
If Trump paid the same taxes as you do, over a year the US could fund additional...
N95 masks 😷
liters of Purell 🧼
COVID tests 🧪
food stamps for someone 🥪
or sets of textbooks for
students 🎓
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