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Simon, H.; Fassnacht, M. Price Management - Strategy, Analysis, Decision, Implementation (2019)
Last updated: Jul 09, 2022
Gross to net lets you see what some amount would look like before the tax is/was applied or after it's been deducted.

Gross to net calculator solves multiple tax-related problems. When viewing this calculator, the tax base issue might be a bit confusing at first, you check out the "gross vs net" section below for an explanation. Our net to gross calculator is a nearly identical calculator, but with fields rearranged, so that some people might find it easier to grasp the difference between gross and net (as sometimes we think in one direction and have a problem seeing the reverse of the process).

Gross vs net - difference between gross and net

What's the difference between net and gross? The simplest answer would be that "the gross amount includes a tax amount, and the net amount doesn't". It's a bit tricky - in some cases, we talk about the gross value before the tax was deducted (income tax), and, in others - after the tax has been added (VAT, sales tax). The two calculators just linked handle specific cases, even though they essentially perform the same calculation as gross to net calculator.

It's important to know what the base is for the tax. For example, when talking about gross income vs net income, the tax is based on the gross value. If we earn $100 and the tax rate is 20%, we'd earn $80 net. The situation is different when we're dealing with VAT and sales tax. Then the tax amount is based on the net price. An example: a widget costs $80 net, and we have 25% VAT on top of it. The tax is one-fourth of $80, which is $20. The gross price is then $100. In both cases, the net price was $80, and the gross price was $100, but the tax was 20% in the former and 25% in the latter case.

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Mateusz Mucha, Piotr Małek and Tibor Pal, PhD candidate
Tax (from net)
Tax (from gross)
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