12-Hour Shift Pay Calculator

Created by Dawid Siuda
Reviewed by Anna Szczepanek, PhD and Rijk de Wet
Last updated: Jun 08, 2023

Use our 12-hour shift pay calculator and see what your earnings will look like with extra work hours. Now you can quickly calculate overtime pay for your long shifts and see how much you would earn if you kept working those shifts the entire week, month, or even a year. Explore the rest of the tool to learn more about this overtime pay calculator.

How to use the 12-hour shift pay calculator?

Our user-friendly tool was created to help you calculate overtime pay during 12-hour shifts. You need to fill in only three boxes, and the formula will calculate your wage for one shift and project your salary for an entire week, month, or year of working long hours.

Those three boxes are:

  • Hourly wage — Input your normal, hourly wage. The calculator will adjust the currency to your location.
  • Regular hours — Input the number of work hours in a day eligible for the normal wage. Eight hours is the default value, but you can change it to make calculations appropriate to your situation.
  • Overtime hourly wage — Input your overtime wage. Usually, it's 1.5x the normal wage. For example, if you earn $10 an hour, your overtime wage would be $15 an hour.

⚠️ Please remember that having a negative hourly wage or work hours is impossible. The 12-hour shift pay calculator only accepts positive numbers as inputs.

Results of overtime pay calculator

If you enter your wages and hours, you will see your calculations in the second box below the inputs. It shows five values, all calculated in a currency adequate to your location.

  • Average wage per hour — This shows your average hourly pay.
  • Pay per day — It displays your earnings from a single, 12-hour shift.
  • Pay per week — It shows your potential earnings if you keep working the same 12-hour shifts five days a week.
  • Pay per month — This value represents your potential wage if you continued to work the identical 12-hour shifts for the entire month. In this case, we assumed 22 working days or 264 hours.
  • Pay per year — It presents an annual salary assuming 260 twelve-hour shifts.

💡 This pay calculator with overtime was designed primarily to help you calculate average hourly pay and a wage for a single, 12-hour shift. Remember that the other values are just predictions to visualize your potential earnings assuming a specific amount of worked hours.

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