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Wedding Budget Calculator

Created by Mateusz Tkaczyk and Wei Bin Loo
Reviewed by Bogna Szyk and Jack Bowater
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Avery RuonalaAn Assessment of Future Trends in Wedding Planning;
Last updated: Jun 05, 2023

The wedding budget calculator is a tool that helps you answer the "How much does a wedding cost?" The time before a wedding is often stressful and tiring. Counting down the days till this big event may make you wonder if you've done everything and put enough into the budget. This wedding budget planner can help you stay organized and understand how to plan a wedding budget. The tool allows you to see the wedding budget breakdown and, finally, calculate your average wedding cost per guest!

The steps you need to plan your wedding budget are very similar to those you follow to plan your household's budget. The first step is to think about all the money you want to spend on the wedding. The second step is to carefully include all costs - which may be tricky! Going through it all step by step with this wedding budget calculator will make it much easier. Also, check out the tent size calculator to find the proper tent size and space required for your wedding guests.

How to plan a wedding budget

It is not easy to consider every single cost that goes into wedding preparation. Small details, like the cost of fuel it takes to get to the venue or to the bride's bra-fitting appointment made many weeks before the wedding, are often easily forgotten and may impact how much the wedding costs. After all, a wedding is a project like any other. So, focus on every expenditure and make sure to put realistic values into the wedding budget calculator:

  1. Figure out the total amount the wedding will set you back - remember that some costs have to be paid months before the wedding day!
  2. Many costs depend on the number of invited guests. In the wedding budget calculator, you may input the number of guests to see the average total cost per person.
  3. Go through each field in the wedding budget calculator to see how your wedding costs break down.
  4. Add your total expenses and compare them with your overall wedding budget.
  5. Stress no more! (Or at least less...) Now you know your total expenditures, and you may check the wedding budget breakdown chart below the calculator!

Wedding budget breakdown

This calculator is not only a calculator but also a helpful wedding budget planner! As it contains many things that need to be prepared before the wedding, it also functions as a to-do list so that you may focus on details like how much time it will take to get to the venue, what shoe size is the best for me, or what ring size do I need.

This tool is split into different categories to make your wedding budget breakdown clear and helpful:

  1. Bride and Groom - here, put all the costs related to the Bride and Groom's appearance, such as the dress, jewelry, makeup, suit, accessories, haircut, etc.
  2. Subcontractors - expenses related to invitations, menu cards, photographs, florists, etc. If you want to cut costs, think about combining vendors. For example, maybe your photograph can create an invitation and make your wedding video. It is often cheaper to get more from one vendor than to hire people separately for each task.
  3. Venue, food, and drinks - this is where all costs related to the big day's food and drinks go. These costs are strictly related to the number of guests. If you want to reduce the money spent here, you can invite fewer guests and make rational decisions about the size of the wedding cake or the amount of liquor bought (our cake serving calculator and wedding alcohol calculator can aid you with this).
  4. Ceremony - costs related to the wedding ceremony. Those costs are often fixed depending on the place, but you may try to find facilities that charge less.
  5. Transportation and accommodation - who are you putting up in the hotel, and how are people getting from the ceremony to the reception? Have the Bride and Groom booked a horse-drawn carriage?
  6. Use the advanced mode to add even more custom expenses that are not included in the tool, so you are always prepared for surprises. Additional costs may occur unexpectedly - don't let them impact your wedding celebrations!

How much does an average wedding cost?

Wedding rings, food, and drink are usually the things that cost the most. All of them are necessary and should be included in the wedding budget breakdown. Essential expenditures actually account for only a half of the expenses spent on the average wedding. In this wedding budget calculator, you can see nearly every category that goes into a wedding, to help you consider consider if you can cut down on the other half. In total, the average wedding cost in the USA is around $30,000!

Mateusz Tkaczyk and Wei Bin Loo
How much do you want to spend?
Number of guests
💑 Bride and Groom
Bride's dress
Groom's suit and accessories
Wedding rings
Hair and makeup
📋 Subcontractors
Wedding stationery
Photography & Video
Wedding planner
🍴 Venue, food and drinks
Rehearsal dinner
Wedding cake
Ceremony musicians / DJs
💒 Ceremony
Ceremony site
🚗 Transportation and accomodation
Limo rental and transportation
Total average cost per guest
Wedding budget balance
✅ Congratulations! Your budget is perfectly balanced!
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