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How to calculate the percentage of absence of a company's employeesConsequences of high absenteeism among employeesThe importance of monitoring employee absence rateKnow the acceptable employee absenteeism rate for your company

This absence percentage calculator helps companies determine the absenteeism rate of their employees. While all companies may expect to experience a certain percentage of absences, a high rate of absence among employees may negatively affect its revenue and the ability to provide adequate service to its customers.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The formula for calculating the absence rate of employees within a company.
  • Some of the consequences of high absenteeism.
  • The importance of monitoring the absenteeism rate of the employees in a company and more.

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ğŸ”Ž Absence in relation to business refers to a situation in which a person is away from work for reasons that are unrelated to the company's business for an entire shift or day.

How to calculate the percentage of absence of a company's employees

To calculate the percentage absence or the absenteeism rate of a company's employees, we need to:

  1. Choose the period to be covered.

  2. Find the total number of employees. However, if the number of employees changes in that period, it is necessary to use the average number of employees instead.

  3. Find the total number of workdays for the period. Here, we will not only need to subtract weekends, but we will also need to subtract the number of holidays in that period. Our business days calculator can help with this.

  4. Finally, we need to calculate the total number of absent days of all the employees within that time frame.

Once we have gathered all this information, we then use the following formula, used in our absence rate calculator, to calculate the percentage absence of all employees.

Absence rate = Total days absent / (Number of employees × Number of workdays) × 100

However, to receive the desired result using this absenteeism rate formula, always ensure that the number of employees and workdays are greater than 0. Additionally, the total number of workdays cannot be less than zero.

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🙋 We do not use vacation time when calculating the percentage of employees' absences.

Consequences of high absenteeism among employees

Absence among employees is something all companies must expect. Unexpected situations such as illness, childcare emergencies, housing emergencies, vehicular issues, and a host of other things may hamper employees' ability to be at work. While a good employer understands the need to make allowances for these things, it is also necessary to understand the consequences of a high absence rate.

High absenteeism rates may negatively affect a company in the following ways:

  • Poor service to customers due to inadequate staff: Employees' absence rates have a definite impact on the customer's quality of service. Often, wait time increases, and the quality of products is affected when employees fill in for others.

  • Low output: Three persons cannot execute the work of five in the same time frame using the same tools. As such, the employee absence rate will always affect production.

  • Added strain on staff causing discord: Typically, when employees are absent, the workload is more significant for the few persons at work. As a result, a high rate of absences may cause a breakdown in relationships due to resentment on the part of the employees carrying out the bulk of the work.

The importance of monitoring employee absence rate

Every company needs to monitor the absence rate of employees because it can affect output and staff morale. When the absence percentage is too high, the company needs to find the reason and down this figure. It would be best if you used the absenteeism rate formula or calculator to monitor the absenteeism rate of employees as often as possible to avoid loss of revenue.

Know the acceptable employee absenteeism rate for your company

Figuring out whether the absence rate of employees is high depends on the industry your business is in. This figure could range from 1.5 to 4.5 percent. By simply researching business in the same industry, a company could learn the acceptable absenteeism rate. Once you know that number, you should work to stay below it.

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