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Fraction to Percent Calculator

By Bogna Haponiuk and Piotr Małek
Convert fraction to percent calculator determines the percent value for a fraction that is entered.

This fraction to percent calculator will answer any question you have about how to turn a fraction into a percent. Changing from fraction to percent and percent to fraction are simple calculations, so we hope you can learn something useful from this page. The method to change a fraction to a percent is as follows:

  1. Divide the numerator by denominator.
  2. Take the result and multiply by 100.
  3. The result is the fraction as a percent.

Simple calculations can be done by hand and checked using this fraction to percent calculator, while more complex fractions are converted conveniently by this calculator. The percentage calculator is also handy for this type of problem.

In most cases when working with fractions, we want to simplify the fraction. When using the convert fraction to percent calculator, simplification is not necessary.

Bogna Haponiuk and Piotr Małek

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Fraction to Percent Calculator