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Fraction to Percent Calculator

Convert fraction to percent calculator determines the percent value for a fraction that is entered.

The convert fraction to percent calculator is your best friend in turning a fraction to a percent. You can also use it to perform a reverse calculation and turn a percent into a fraction.

In this article, we will give you a short overview of both forms and explain how to turn a fraction into a percent both by hand and with the help of this tool.

What are fractions and percents?

Both fractions and percentages are used to expressed numbers which are not integers. When written down in a decimal form, they always have at least one nonzero digit after the decimal separator.

When expressed as fractions, such numbers are always presented in the form of X/Y, where both X and Y are integers. Naturally, Y cannot be equal to zero.

On the other hand, when expressed as percentages, these numbers are followed by the % symbol. In this form, the number is compared to a unit, with 100% equivalent to 1. For example, 200% corresponds to 2, and 50% - to 0.5.

How to turn a fraction into a percent?

The method to change a fraction to percent is not complicated at all! Let's analyze the example of recalculating the fraction of 17/23 to a percentage.

  1. Divide the numerator by denominator. In our case, 17/23 = 0.7391.

  2. Multiply the result by 100%. In our example 0.7391 * 100% = 73.91%.

  3. Voilà - you're done! The fraction 17/23 is equivalent to 73.91%.

How to turn a percent into a fraction?

Of course, you can also use this fraction to percent calculator to perform an inverse operation. If you want to express a percentage as a fraction, follow these steps:

  1. Realize that 100% is equivalent to a unit. That means that each single percent corresponds to 1/100.

  2. Divide your number by 100%. Let's assume we want to turn 25% into a fraction. After dividing it by 100%, we will get 25/100.

  3. Simplify the fraction by finding the greatest common factor. For 25 and 100, the LCD is equal to 25. Hence 25/100 = (25/25) / (100/25) = 1/4.

Simple calculations can be done by hand in a few seconds. If you are working with large numbers, we recommend relying on this convert fraction to percent calculator - it automatically simplifies all fractions, making hand calculations unnecessary.

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