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Created by Madhumathi Raman
Reviewed by Wojciech Sas, PhD and Steven Wooding
Last updated: May 14, 2024

Welcome to the business days calculator! Many a time, we find ourselves in need of knowing the count of business days 👔 or the duration between times. This working days calculator is a time duration calculator that allows you to find the number of business days in a given duration. You can also configure the options to include or exclude weekends. So, in essence, this tool helps you calculate the duration between dates, as well as the number of business days between dates.

This tool also comes in handy when you want to pick out the perfect present 🎁 for your friend or mate and would like to know how many days you have until their birthday 🎊 or your anniversary ❤️. You could also find the number of days until Christmas 🎄 to plan out your Christmas shopping 🎅!

Or you can check our separate birthday calculator, anniversary calculator, and days until Christmas calculator to read more about them.

How to find the duration between dates?

Do you simply want to calculate the date difference in terms of the number of days? All you need to do is input the start and end dates! Our business days calculator will give you the difference between those dates in the form of the number of days!

For example, if you need to find the number of days between 15 Jan 2021 and 17 Mar 2021, you may input these dates, and voilà! The calculator would show you that the difference between the dates is 61 days!

If you would like to take into account both the start and end dates, please mark Yes for Include end date?, and the calculator will show you that the difference between the dates is 62 days for the same scenario shown above!

How to calculate business days?

More often than not, you'd want to consider only the five weekdays, probably to figure out how many days you need to work in the month or calculate the business days in a given duration. Our working days calculator can help you with that — all you need to do is select the option Exclude weekends under the Business days option. In this case, the day of the week plays a critical role since Saturdays and Sundays don't count.

For example, if you want to find the number of days you needed to work in May 2021 (assuming a 5-day workweek), you could input the start and end dates of May 2021 and set Include end date? as Yes. We'd see that the number of business days between these dates is 21 days! Yay!

How to calculate the number of working days, excluding only Sundays?

Do you have a 6-day workweek with only Sunday to rest? Fret not, we've covered you as well! To make things simpler for you, we've included an option to exclude only Sundays under the Business days dropdown list, so you can see how many non-Sunday days there are in a given duration!

For the same example of May 2021, the number of working days turns out to be 26 days in this case!

Find business days between dates — excluding other holidays

What if there are other holidays that come in between? ⛱️ How do we calculate the business days by excluding them too? Well, we have you covered as well!

To calculate the business days by excluding other holidays, here's what you need to do:

  • Enter the start date;
  • Enter the end date;
  • Set Include end day? as Yes if you want to include both boundary dates;
  • Set the type of business days that you want to estimate;
  • Key in the individual holiday dates in the Holidays that you want to exclude list; and
  • Ta-da! From this variant of the working days calculator, you'd be able to find the count of business days between the dates, excluding these specific holidays!

There could also be other scenarios, such as pregnancy, where knowing the pregnancy due date or the conception date might be needed.


What are considered to be business days?

Generally, the days from Monday through Friday are considered business days in a 5-day workweek. In a 6-day workweek, we treat the days from Monday through Saturday as business days, while Sunday is the weekly off. Omni's business days calculator allows you to find the number of working days using either option!

How many business days do we have in a year?

On average, we have about 260 working days per year, after factoring in weekends and holidays (assuming a 5-day workweek). This number might change from country to country, and also depends chiefly on the holiday policies of the organization you work for.

How many business days do we have in a month?

It typically ranges between 19-22 days, considering a 5-day workweek. Since the number of days varies from month to month, the number of workdays also varies. If we consider a 6-day workweek, the number of workdays varies between 24-27 days.

Do business days include public holidays?

Nope! Public holidays are excluded while calculating business days. The most common standard followed by regulations while defining business days is to count all days except Saturday, Sunday, and legal public holidays.

How many business days do we have in 2021?

For the year 2021, we have a total of 261 business days, considering the most common standard of a 5-day workweek. This number may differ slightly depending on the region.

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