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Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

If you want to check whether Christmas is just around the corner, use our days until Christmas calculator. No need to type or change anything to figure out how many days until Christmas. Our calculator is set to show how many days
from today is Christmas, but you can select any other day of the year too. The tool may be useful for planning Christmas preparations - from cleaning the house to baking gingerbread cookies or making salt dough ornaments for your unique Christmas tree. If you're curious about what day Christmas is, don't wait any longer. Scroll down!

How many days till Christmas? 🎅

With our days until Christmas calculator, you can find the answer in the blink of an eye! If you leave the default value, the calculator will show you the days, hours, minutes, and seconds from now. However, you can pick any other day of the year, and the tool will display full days till Christmas. Isn't it awesome?!

If you are curious about the time stamp between two different days - not necessarily Christmas day - check out our day counter.

What day is Christmas?

Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25. In 2018 it was on Tuesday, in 2019 - on Wednesday. If you want to check what day of the week next Christmas will be, look at this day of the week calculator - with this tool, you can determine any weekday from the past or future. Do you want to check which day of the week you were born? No problem. Or are you curious about what day in 2030 Christmas will be? We'll also help you with that task (it's Wednesday, by the way).

Other winter calculators

Christmas is coming, and the winter is as well! If you're living in the northern hemisphere and temperate climate, that means SNOW! ❄️ Check our:


How many days between Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Between 27 and 33 days. In the U.S., Thanksgiving takes place on the fourth Thursday of November, while Christmas is always on December 25th. The shortest interval between Thanksgiving and Christmas is 27 days, while the longest time between the dates is 33 days.

How do I calculate the remaining days until Christmas?

To calculate the days left until Christmas, follow these steps:

  1. If Christmas occurs in the current month, subtract the current date from 25. The result is the number of days until Christmas.
  2. Otherwise, write down the number of days left in the month.
  3. Add 25 to this number.
  4. Add the number of days in each month between the current month and December. E.g., if counting from July, you would need to add the number of days in August, September, October, and November.
  5. The result is the number of days until Christmas.

Is Christmas always on December 25th?

Yes, for Western Christian churches. For Eastern Orthodox churches which continue to use the Julian calendar, Christmas takes place on January 7 on the Gregorian calendar.

Why do you give gifts on Christmas?

Although there are people from other religions and non-religious people who give and receive presents on Christmas, to Christians, it represents the gifts given to infant Jesus by the Three Wise Men.

Hanna Pamuła, PhD
276 days,
19 hours,
18 minutes,
34 seconds
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