Will it snow for Christmas?- that is the yearly question that many of us ask with hope. White Christmas calculator can tell you if your every year dream about white Christmas might come true in 2018.

Stop wondering more whether the snowy carpet will cover your region on the 25th of December! Choose your city from the list, and see the probability of having snow this year and what snow depth you can expect based on historical data. Moreover, you can check the probability of snowfall and how big it might be. Particular years of last white Christmas are also available for many locations. If you want to improve your chances of having a white Christmas experience we will show you which city you should choose as your destination. Finally, we will let you know whether you will be able to build an igloo! The white Christmas calculator provides data for 200 places across the USA and Canada. Put on the tree lights, decorate the house, prepare delicacies and look forward to spending the marvelous white Christmas with your friends and family!

If can't wait for Christmas like us, join the countdown to 25th of December with Omni Team!

Dreaming of a white Christmas...?

Cozy cottage in snow on a white Christmas

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...

Probably most of us have hummed that Bing Crosby's song lyrics with hope to have snow on Christmas day. But why is snow so important for us in Christmas time, indeed? For sure, there is something special when snow covers the ground during Christmas Eve. It is all about the unique Christmas atmosphere. With snow, we can feel it better, and the world becomes more magical with the white cover on the ground. We can have lots of fun playing with it, too! It's a great thing to build a snowman in front of the house with our children or take part in a snow battle with nephews.

Across the U.S., there are a lot of places where snow never comes up and many where we can often count on white Christmas. But what if you didn't have to only wait for it with great hope? Maybe it is hard to believe, but there is a number of locations in the United States where citizens are almost always guaranteed white Christmas. Below, we present a list of 10 cities (based on NOAA's 30-year weather data) with over 90% historical probability of seeing snow on the 25th of December:

  • Bettles (Alaska)
  • Aspen (Colorado)
  • Hayden (Colorado)
  • Rangeley (Maine)
  • Fort Kent (Maine)
  • Marquette (Michigan)
  • Duluth (Minnesota)
  • International Falls (Minnesota)
  • Newcomb (New York)
  • West Burke (Vermont)

O Canada! – we don't forget about you!

Although in the North snow tends to lie on the ground much longer than in the USA, Canadian cities also have various chances of having white Christmas. Vancouver lies at the coast of the Pacific Ocean and has the least chances of having snow on the ground on 25th of December. The probability is only 10%. It means, statistically speaking, that the citizens of Vancouver can enjoy white Christmas only once every 10 years. It's quite surprising, isn't it? Luckily, the rest of the country makes up for it. This is the list of cities that have practically 100% chance (yes, you read that well) of having white Christmas this year:

  • Iqaluit
  • Kenora
  • Whitehorse
  • Winnipeg
  • Yellowknife

Brandon, Goose Bay, Timmins, and Thunder Bay are catching up with their 95%. Overall, cities of Canada have 68% chance of waking up in a white world on Christmas Day. It has to feel wonderful to be Canadian on Christmas 😊.

Will it snow for Christmas in my city?

Our white Christmas calculator bases on NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data of climate normals for years 1981-2010. The statistics are a result of three-decade averages of several climatological measurements at approximately 9,800 stations operated by NOAA’s National Weather Service in the USA. For Canada we have based on data from Environment and Climate Change Canada. They show the historical probability of at least 1-inch snow-cover and percentage chances for snowfall on the 25th of December. Keep in mind that the actual conditions may vary widely from these probabilities because of present weather patterns. These probabilities are useful as a guide only to show where snow on the ground is more probable. If you want to have the most actual weather predictions, check your local forecast a few days before the Christmas day.

A map showing the historical probability of a White Christmas according to NOAA

NOAA Climate.gov

Data: NCEI

The Historical Probability of a White Christmas map above shows the climatological probability of at least 1 inch of snow being on the ground on Christmas Day across the United States. Dark gray color marks places where the probability is less than 10 percent and white color shows probabilities greater than 90 percent. Check the interactive version of the Historical Probability of a White Christmas map.

White Christmas calculator

With the white Christmas calculator, you can find out the probability that Christmas in your home city will be white this year. Predictions are available for over 200 most populated cities across the United States and Canada. When you choose your city, 4 numbers will be presented:

❄️Probability of snow - percentage chances for the 25th of December that at least 1 inch of snow will be on the ground in the particular town.

❄️Typical snow depth - the median value of snow depth over 30 years of observation. You can consider this as a typical depth of snow.

❄️Probability of snowfall - percentage probability that snowfall will occur during the Christmas day.

❄️Typical snowfall - the median value of snowfalls over 30 years of observation. You can consider this as a typical amount of snow that falls on the 25th of December.

Unfortunately, the last two values are unavailable to citizens of Canada due to lack of data.

If seeing snow on Christmas morning (or going skiing right after the family dinner) is your number one priority, this calculator is a tool just for you! On top of the result, it suggests up to four different destinations, in which the probability of having a white Christmas is much higher than in your home town (or, to be exact, at least 20% higher).

As an addition, our white Christmas calculator will tell you, if in your city will be enough snow to build an igloo and in which year there was last white Christmas (this function is not available for some cities).

White Christmas song in Minneapolis

Let's assume that I'm a spending Christmas in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I hope I will be able to build a snowman on Christmas day. To check how probable it is, I take a brief look on the white Christmas calculator.

❄️ First, I choose the USA as the country.

❄️ Second, I scroll for MN on the list. That's the abbreviation of Minnesota state.

❄️ Then, when I have found the MN, I look for the Minneapolis city.

❄️ Great, here it is, at the first place in this state.

❄️ Now, check the numbers... Hurray! More than less, I can expect white Christmas this year!

❄️ Probability of snow = 74% That's a lot, but look at typical snow depth.

❄️ Typical snow depth = 5 in It is enough to build a snowman, for sure. Unfortunately, it's not so much if you would like to build an igloo... And how about a snowfall?

❄️ Probability of snowfall = 30%, Typical snowfall = 0.6 in Nice, I have about 1/3 chances for a slight snowfall in Minneapolis. I have stopped dreaming of the white Christmas... Now, I'm expecting it!

❄️ If I would like to have a higher chance of having a snowy Christmas I should head for Anchorage. Although very distant, it has a 22% higher chance for white Christmas.

Last Christmas white Christmas

Do you know the song “Last Christmas” by Wham? It is yet another song associated with the magical atmosphere of Christmas time. George Michael, the leader of Wham, repeatedly sings: “Last Christmas I gave you my heart…”. In fact, the weather gave us in 2017 all of its heart and even more. Maybe you have forgotten, but on the Christmas morning of 2017, we were witnesses of a really uncommon weather phenomenon. Thanks to some last minute snow storms, a large portion of 48 lower states had at least one-inch deep snow layer on the ground, thus meeting the definition of meteorological white Christmas (yes, we also didn't know that there is one). Why was it strange? Well, it is enough to say that Seattle noted only its sixth white Christmas since the 1890s. In the same way, the citizens of Portland, Oregon, could celebrate their sixth white Christmas in 133 years.

Wham Last Christmas gif

It was the most widespread Christmas snow cover in the 48 lower states in five years, and the fifth most widespread in the already mentioned, 15-year database from NOAA-NOHRSC. As you may have already noticed by using our calculator – it is not so likely to have white Christmas, not only in the southern parts of US. This makes the 25th of December 2017 even more unbelievable. What do you think - how is it going to be this year? Will we get surprised again? It would be nice to start Christmas morning by having fun with some sleds! With our sled ride calculator, you can learn what speed records you will be able to beat on your hill just around the corner.

Cold(est) December Night

Beautiful snowy forest on a Christmas night

We continue our Christmas songs tour with the song “Cold December Night” by Michael Bubble. Have you ever wondered how cold it could be in your city on Christmas night? And no, we do not talk in here about cold hearts of your neighbors! There is a list of the coldest temperatures records on Christmas night, and it appears that even on the south, temperatures can go below zero!

City Coldest Temperature City Coldest Temperature
Caribou, ME -26°F Boston -8°F
New York City -1°F Syracuse, NY -22°F
Pittsburgh -12°F Washington, DC 3°F
Raleigh, NC 4°F Nashville, TN -5°F
Atlanta 0°F Orlando 21°F
Dallas 6°F Houston 11°F
Cleveland -10°F Indianapolis -15°F
Chicago -17°F St. Louis -13°F
Minneapolis -39°F Fargo, ND -31°F
Seattle 18°F Los Angeles 30°F
Las Vegas 17°F Phoenix 27°F
Great Falls, MT -29°F Denver -15°F

Hopefully, this year's Christmas we will not freeze to death. But if it gets freezing, we wish you that someone will warm and “kiss you on this cold December night…” as Michael Bubble sang. Remember, cold temperature promotes hugging 😉.

Can you build an igloo?

Let's have some fun at the end! Our white Christmas calculator not only will tell you the probability of having a white Christmas morning but also whether you can spend it building an igloo with your friends or kids. The igloo is a primitive house or shelter made of compacted snow. People inhabiting lands of today's Canada and Greenland are thought to have made it for the first time.

Igloo with a Christmas tree and a pile of presents

Because of its air pockets, snow can be used as a very effective insulator. It keeps the temperature high inside the igloo. Even in the presence of freezing temperature outside (as low as – 49 °F), the energy from the human body can sustain the temperature in the range from 19 °F to 61 °F inside this snow structure. To build an igloo, the layer of snow on the ground has to be over 10 inches deep. If it is not, you will not be able to make blocks of sufficient thickness out of it. You should also remember to use the denser snow from a deeper layer, not the powder on the surface. Our calculator will tell whether you should reserve some time for a small architectural project on Christmas morning!

Filip Derma and Kacper Pawlik, MD
Choose the country & the city
(NY) New York
White Christmas (on the 25th of December)?
Probabilty of at least 1 inch of snow
Typical snow depth
Probability of snowfall
Typical snowfall
Last white Christmas happened in the year 2009 ⛄
There were 2 inches of snow ❄️
There is a hope...🤔 but probably you will not have white Christmas this year🎄🌟
It seems that there will not be enough snow to build an igloo.
The nearest cities with at least 20% higher chances for a white Christmas:
1. (NY) Albany 48% probability; 132 miles away
2. (MA) Worcester 43% probability; 150 miles away
3. (MA) Lowell 44% probability; 186 miles away
4. (NY) Syracuse 58% probability; 195 miles away
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