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Minecraft Circle Generator

Created by Rijk de Wet
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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

So you want to build a wizard's tower, or a lighthouse, or a circular stronghold around your world's End Portal — the Minecraft circle generator has you covered with instant templates for Minecraft circles. With this accompanying Minecraft circle guide, you'll learn how to make a perfect circle in Minecraft without needing command blocks or world editors. So grab a stack of cobblestone blocks, and let's get building!

How do I use the Minecraft circle generator?

If you don't know how to make a perfect circle in Minecraft, the Minecraft circle generator can help. Here's how to use it.

  1. Enter your circle's desired width and height.

    • If the width and height are the same, the circle will be perfectly round with a diameter of d = width = height.

    • If the width and height differ, you'll instead end up with an ellipse. But don't worry — we'll keep referring to it as a circle for brevity.

  2. Enter your circle's desired thickness. This represents how many blocks thick your circle is, as if it was an increasingly thick donut.

  3. The Minecraft circle calculator will build your circle and display it below. The calculator will also tell you how many blocks you'd need to build the circle.

  4. Suppose you're instead looking to build a circle in another block-based game (like Terraria) or just make a circle in pixel art. In such cases, the tool can also function as a pixel circle generator.

How to make a circle in Minecraft? – Minecraft circle guide

If you haven't noticed already, everything in Minecraft is square. The blocks, the player, and even the zombies — it's all made of straight lines and right angles. So how do we make a perfect circle in Minecraft out of square blocks?

Well, our screens do this every day! They use approximation to trick us into seeing round objects even though it's displayed on a square grid of pixels. Why can't we do the same when building our circles in Minecraft?

To illustrate what we're heading towards, take a look at these circle fragments and how they can be approximated by placing squares along their circumferences.

A small circle, approximated using pixels.A medium-sized circle, approximated using pixels.A large circle, approximated using pixels.

As we can see above, we can clearly represent round-looking objects using only pixels. Circles in Minecraft and other mediums like pixel art circles exploit this to create the illusion of curvature.

💡 If an illusion is not enough, and you need the real thing, a Minecraft player has recently figured out how to use command blocks and armor stands to create truly round circles.

It might take some squinting and imagination, but creations like lighthouses, fountains, and round Nether portals are now within grasp! With this good news, let's continue and learn how to make a circle in Minecraft!

Some Minecraft circle templates: A Minecraft circle chart

If you need a quick reference for how to make a circle in Minecraft, look no further! Below, we've collected templates for Minecraft circles up to a radius of 64 blocks. Don't worry if you need to customize them or make a larger circle — you can always use our Minecraft circle calculator.

You'll see that the circles' midpoints are indicated on the charts.

  • Circles with even radii have 2-by-2 blocks as middles, as their midpoints fall on the vertices of the block boundaries.

  • The midpoints of circles with odd radii fall in the middle of a single block. Their exact middle in Minecraft will, therefore, be one block.

  • In our Minecraft circle generator, your circle's midpoint is indicated by the intersection of the two axes.

A Minecraft circle chart for circles with even radii.
A Minecraft circle chart for circles with even radii. The dot in the bottom left represents the circles' shared center.
A Minecraft circle chart for circles with odd radii.
A Minecraft circle chart for circles with odd radii. The dot in the bottom left represents the circles' shared center.


How do I make a circle in Minecraft?

There are many ways to make a circle in Minecraft.

  • Draw it yourself using grid paper and build it according to your template.
  • Use an online tool, like this Minecraft circle generator, or even just a pixel circle generator.
  • Use a command block.

While you can't make a true circle in Minecraft, it's possible to approximate one by placing blocks where the circle's circumference would be.

How do I make a semicircle in Minecraft?

The easiest way of building a semicircle in Minecraft is to follow these steps.

  1. Determine how a full circle would look. Multiply your semicircle's dimensions as necessary to make a complete circle.

  2. Only build half of the full circle. Once you know what the full circle would look like, it's trivial to build only half.

How do I make a perfect circle in Minecraft?

It is impossible to make a perfectly circular structure of arbitrary dimensions in vanilla Minecraft. There are game mods that enable the player to build perfect circles — but be mindful of what you download, or your computer could become infected with malware!

You can still easily approximate circles by placing the game's blocks in a roughly circular pattern. There are many ways of doing this, but the easiest is to use an online tool like the Minecraft circle generator to obtain a template for your Minecraft circle.

How many pixels is a Minecraft block?

The original Minecraft textures had a resolution of 16×16 pixels, so a Minecraft block has 256 pixels on each of its six sides. A single Minecraft block therefore has a total of 1,536 pixels on all its sides. Texture packs can have a resolution of up to 512×512, thereby giving each side of a Minecraft block 262,144 pixels and a total of 1,572,864 pixels on all sides.

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