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This eDPI Calculator finds your effective mouse sensitivity so you can easily compare it to your friends, no matter what hardware or software you are using. Whether playing CS:GO, Fortnite, Overwatch, Valorant, or another shooter or battle royale, your mouse sensitivity can make or break your game. Here, we show you how to calculate your eDPI depending on your DPI and sensitivity settings.

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What is DPI? What is sensitivity?

Let's start with the basic mouse settings. What is DPI? And what is sensitivity?

DPI stands for dots per inch, sometimes called counts per inch (CPI). It defines how many dots/counts/pixels your cursor travels over your screen if you move your mouse 1 inch (2.54 cm) on the table. The DPI is either set via a button on the mouse itself or in related software. This setting then changes the mouse's DPI in Windows, the browser, and so on. A gaming mouse has a DPI in the range of 400 to 1600. But, for high DPI values, the mouse sensor can reach its limits and cause issues like smoothing, where the mouse tries to predict what you wanted to do and ignores the raw input. Most pro gamers use a DPI between 400 and 800 and change the sensitivity in-game to avoid these problems and achieve their best performance.

Sensitivity is an in-game setting which allows players to increase their mouse DPI in this specific game. This method is a more reliable way of increasing your mouse sensitivity than raising DPI to very high levels. Different games can have different sensitivity or sens settings, and sometimes the same settings might mean two different things in different games. Therefore, a general mouse sensitivity is needed so that you can compare it with your friends, or immediately change a new game to your preferred setting.

What is eDPI? And how to calculate eDPI?

We all know that gamers like to compare everything: gear, setup, and also settings. But, as we've discussed above, DPI and sensitivity run into problems here, so we just use another measure - eDPI. eDPI, which means effective dots per inch, defines a real mouse sensitivity based on the DPI and the sensitivity. But how do we calculate eDPI? The formula is:

eDPI=DPI×sensitivity\small \qquad \text{eDPI} = \text{DPI} \times \text{sensitivity}

With this value, players can easily compare their real mouse sensitivity.

For example, with the help of the eDPI calculator, we see that

  • Player 1 with a DPI of 800 and a sensitivity of 0.5; and
  • Player 2 with a DPI of 1600 and a sensitivity of 0.25

have the same eDPI, and therefore the same effective mouse sensitivity.
The result does not depend on hardware or software settings, like your screen's size or resolution.

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How to calculate the eDPI for CS:GO, Fortnite, or Valorant?

The ideal eDPI varies by personal preference, but there is a general trend for every game as to which setting might be the most successful. And who knew better than the pros. So, let's take a look:

Fortnite eDPI calculator: Since Fortnite requires precise aim for shooting and building, the pros recommend a low range eDPI. In 2019, the most common eDPI range of over 300 Fortnite pro players and streamers was between 32 and 82. To use this calculator as a Fortnite eDPI calculator, you will want to aim in this eDPI scale. Fortnite defines its sensitivity in %, so remember to specify this setting in the calculator.

CS:GO eDPI calculator: To guarantee a precise aim and avoid spray, most CS:GO pros prefer an eDPI lower than casual gamers. Still, CS:GO requires, compared to its competitors, a very high real mouse sensitivity. The average eDPI of CS:GO pros is just under 900, although some manage to get in the world elite with a value over 1500. This range is preferable to use this tool as a CS:GO eDPI calculator.

Valorant eDPI calculator: For this FPS with a low time to kill, precision is even more critical. You can not afford to miss too many shots if you can be defeated by a single bullet. This fact means that a lower eDPI to guarantee perfect aim is better. Therefore, the average Valorant pro eDPI is 280. If you plan to use this tool as a Valorant eDPI calculator, keep those values in mind.

How to use the eDPI calculator?

Let's assume you want to set the same eDPI value as your friend. Here is how to use the eDPI calculator:

  1. Check your friend's settings, for example, DPI 1000 and sensitivity 0.8.
  2. Set the sensitivity type for the game you are playing. For CS:GO, this is decimal sensitivity.
  3. Calculate your friend's eDPI according to the formula above:
eDPI=DPI×sensitivity=1000×0.8=800\small \begin{align*} \qquad \text{eDPI} &= \text{DPI} \times \text{sensitivity}\\ &= 1000 \times 0.8\\ &= 800 \end{align*}
  1. Check your settings, for example, DPI 500.
  2. Calculate your needed sensitivity with the formula above:
sensitivity=eDPIDPI=800500=1.6\small \begin{align*} \qquad \text{sensitivity} &= \frac{\text{eDPI}}{\text{DPI}}\\[1.0em] &= \frac{800}{500}\\[1.0em] &= 1.6 \end{align*}

There you go. That's how you calculate your eDPI settings. No more excuses! Your friend can't blame your win on the better settings anymore.

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