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Our gold melt calculator can help you observe the actual monetary value based on your gold's weight and purity. It will also help you calculate its bidding and asking price based on the spread.

From the following article, you will learn:

  • How to calculate gold melt value using the calculator;
  • How to calculate the gold jewelry melt value manually; and
  • How to calculate gold melt of 18K, 14K, and other karats.

Check the scrap silver calculator if you want to make similar calculations for silver.

What is a karat and how does it measure the purity of gold?

A karat is a unit of comparative measurement for the purity of gold in metal alloys. We consider 24 karats or 24K as the purest form obtainable.

Here's a table showing different karats along with their level of purity.

A table showing purity levels of karats.







































💡 A carat is different than a karat. A carat measures the weight of gemstones like diamonds, whereas a karat is a unit measuring the purity of a natural element like gold.

How to calculate gold melt value using the calculator

Here's how we calculate the gold coin melt value using the calculator:

👑 Quality

  1. Enter the weight of gold, e.g., 10 grams. Use the gold weight calculator if you don't have a proper scale but know the dimensions of your piece of gold.

  2. Select the purity of the gold, e.g., 24 karat.

  3. The calculator will automatically set the purity, i.e., 99.9%.

💸 Value

  1. Enter the current market price of the gold, e.g., 2000 USD / troy ounce.

  2. The gold melt calculator will then display your gold's possession value, i.e., 642.37 USD. Tip: visit the money weight calculator to see how much this amount weighs.

🏛️ Trade / Exchange

  1. The spread decreases the bid price and increases the ask price based on the given % margin.

  2. The bid price is the price a buyer would be willing to pay.

  3. The asking price is the price that a seller would be willing to accept.

Now that you understand how to use the gold melt value calculator for jewelry, coins, etc., let's learn how to calculate the gold melt value manually. You can also use the diamond weight calculator to estimate carats of diamonds with different shapes or metal weight calculator to apply math to steel, platinum, and other metals.

Manually calculate gold jewelry melt value

We use the following formula to calculate the gold melt value:

G=M×(Q÷100)×P\footnotesize G = M \times (Q \div 100) \times P


  • GG – Value of gold in possession;
  • MM – Mass of the gold in possession;
  • QQ – Quality of gold in percentage; and
  • PP – Price per unit mass of gold.

(Where we measure the price per unit mass and mass of the gold in possession on the same weight scale.)

Let's take an example and calculate a melted gold coin's value, with a weight of 1.0909 troy ounces and purity at 22 karat.

At the time of writing this article, the price of gold is 1,915 USD per troy ounce.

Placing the values in the formula, we get:

G=1.0909×(91.67÷100)×1,915=1,915.05\footnotesize \begin{align*} G &= 1.0909 \times (91.67 \div 100) \times 1,915\\ &= 1,915.05 \end{align*}

Thus, the value of our melted gold coin in possession is 1,915.05 USD.


What is the melting point of gold?

Pure gold melts at 1,945 °F, about 1,063 °C or 1,336 K. It boils at 2,700 °F, that's almost 1,482 °C or 1,755.3 K. For comparison, an average cooking fire can reach up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. You'll need a propane torch if you plan on melting gold at home.

How pure is 14 karat gold?

58.33%, is the purity of 14 karat gold. In other words, if we melt 14K gold and calculate its weight, we'll have about 58.33% of pure gold, and the rest will be other elements and impurities.

What is 10 karat gold melt value of 1 gram at 2000 USD per troy ounce?

26.79 USD is the value of 10 karat gold weighing 1 gram at 2,000 USD per troy ounce.

We obtain this value by using the following formula:

Value of gold = Weight of gold × (Quality of gold / 100) × Price per unit mass of gold

How do I calculate gold coin melt value?

Here are the steps for calculating gold coin value:

  1. Measure the weight of the gold.

  2. Note the purity of the gold in percentage.

  3. Find the current price per unit mass of gold.

  4. Multiply the weight with the quality (divided by 100) and the current price, which mathematically is:

    Value of gold = Weight of gold × (Quality of gold / 100) × Price per unit mass of gold

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