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Missouri Sales Tax Calculator

Created by Tibor Pál, PhD candidate
Reviewed by Dominik Czernia, PhD and Adena Benn
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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

We created the Missouri sales tax calculator to help you to estimate how much sales tax you need to pay after a purchase made in Missouri. It is straightforward to calculate Missouri sales tax with our tool, as you need only to provide the purchase price and the ZIP code of the location of the purchase.

Read further, and we will show you how to apply our Missouri sales tax calculator (which you can also use as a Missouri car sales tax calculator) and give you a brief review of the sales taxes applicable in Missouri state.

If you want to apply a more general tool, check our sales tax calculator. In case of estimating Federal income tax, visit our tax bracket calculator.

What is sales tax in Missouri? — A general review on Missouri sales tax rates

Typically, sales taxes in the U.S. involves three different tax jurisdictions: state, county, and city or municipality. Besides, in some cases, a special rate applies as well.

The Missouri state sales tax is 4.225%, with different county, city, and special sales tax rates with the following variations.


Range of sales tax rate











The estimated average Missouri sales tax rate in 2022 was around 7.91%.

Transportation charges for taxable items are typically taxable in Missouri when included in the sale price. Separately declared shipping costs are generally exempt if you don't pay for the service. Still, if you don't pay for the shipping that is not separately stated, you must pay the tax after the charges. Third-party shipping services are typically exempt.

You can learn more about Missouri sales taxes on the official website.

How do I use the Missouri sales tax calculator?

There are only two details you need to be aware of to use our Missouri sales tax calculator:

  • Purchase amount; and
  • Purchase location ZIP Code (to determine Missouri sales tax rate).

For instance, if you buy a car in Dallas for $10,000, you need to enter one of the below ZIP Codes with the $10,000 purchase price, and you will instantly see the Missouri car sales tax, which is $672.50:

65463, 65590, 65644, 65685, 65722, 65764, 65783

For better insight, our Missouri vehicle sales tax calculator also presents you with the sales tax breakdown. In this case, the total sales tax contains the following sales taxes:


Sales Tax Rate

Tax amount

Missouri State



Dallas County



Total sales tax




Was there a Missouri car sales tax loophole in 2020?

Yes, one way to avoid Missouri auto sales tax is to buy the vehicle out of state and pay out-of-state sales tax. Besides, you don't have to pay Missouri vehicle sales tax if you obtain a car as a gift.

What is the sales tax in Missouri?

As of October 2022, Missouri's average estimated combined sales tax rate is 7.91%. You always need to pay a state sales tax of 4.225% plus additional county, city, and special sales tax depending on the location of the purchase.

Does Missouri have sales tax?

Yes. Missouri sales tax includes a 4.225% state sales tax plus potentially a county sales tax, city sales tax, and special sales tax, depending on the location of the purchase ranging between 0% and 5.45%. As of October 2022, the average estimated combined sales tax rate is 7.91%.

How much is the sales tax after $1,000 purchase made in Dallas?

You need to pay $67.25 sales tax after a purchase of a taxable item with a price tag of $1,000 in Dallas.

First, there is a 4.225% state sales tax ($1,000 × 0.04225 = $42.25) plus a 2.5% county sales tax ($1,000 × 0.025 = $25), which gives $67.25 sales tax in total.

How do I calculate sales tax in Missouri?

You can compute sales tax in Missouri by following the below three steps:

  1. Note the purchasing price — add transportation cost if any.
  2. Have a look on the appropriate state sales tax rate, county sales tax rate, and city sales tax rate.
  3. Check if there is any special tax rate applied in your jurisdiction.
  4. Multiply the purchase amount by the sum of applicable rates.


Our Missouri sales tax calculator reflects state tax rates applicable in October 2022.

You should consider our tool as a financial estimation. The result is based on the data you provided in the specifications that are, despite our best effort, not exhaustive.

For this reason, we created the calculator for instructional purposes only. Still, if you experience a relevant drawback or encounter any inaccuracy, we are always pleased to receive helpful feedback and advice.

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