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Last updated: Jun 05, 2023

This pizza tip calculator will be a useful tool for you if you are curious "how much to tip for pizza delivery?" It's always a difficult question to answer - there are many factors involved in how much to tip the pizza delivery guy - pay too much, and you'll feel a fool - too little, and you'll probably receive a death glare. For your benefit, we have also provided a tip definition, an explanation of how to calculate the tip by yourself, as well as the factors that go into the correct pizza delivery tip, so you'll have no issues working out how much to tip the pizza guy!

Tip definition

You have (hopefully) received excellent service in a restaurant, cafe or hotel, and wanted to show your appreciation. Therefore, you left a small amount of money for your server to pick up as you left. This small amount of money is a tip, an additional amount of money separate from the bill that is a way of expressing our gratitude. Tipping is expected in some countries - you would think that a restaurant would have to pay its employees a wage that they could live off, but this is not the case - sometimes, the tips you provide make up the majority of a server's income.

The most common tips that we provide are for bartenders pouring our drinks, baristas brewing us a coffee, waitresses taking our orders and bringing us our food to our tables, the hotel porter that carries our luggage to our room, and, of course, the pizza delivery boy bringing us our delicious meal.

There are, however, other places in which we should tip. Hairdressers, barbers, tour guides, valets, shoeshiners, taxi drivers, professional movers, babysitter, and cosmeticians all provide us with a service, and, if they do an exceptional job, deserve an additional income. But don't think this list is comprehensive; if anyone goes above and beyond to make you feel special, consider tipping them!

How much to tip pizza delivery?

The general rule in all instances is that you should tip between 10 % and 20 % of the total value of the bill. While this rule still applies when giving a pizza delivery tip, there are a few additional rules you should follow. These rules exist because someone has to drive out to your house to bring you your food while you are sat at home, relaxing, watching Netflix. These additional rules are:

  • If your order is less than $20, then your tip should be at least $3. You should also tip at least 10% on orders over $100.
  • You should tip a percentage based on the quality of your service:
    • If you received excellent service, you should tip at least 20%.
    • If the service was of average quality, the tip should be 15%.
    • For poor service, the tip should be no more than 10%.
    • If you received awful service, such as your pizza arriving cold, then you should tip nothing. This overrides any other factor.
  • If the weather is particularly bad, you should consider an additional tip of $1. Driving through inclement weather can be dangerous and frightening!
  • You should also tip based on the distance the pizza delivery guy has to drive:
    • If you live within 3 miles of the pizza place, then you should not tip anything extra.
    • If you live between 3 to 5 miles from the restaurant, you should tip an additional $1.
    • If the driver has to drive more than 5 miles to your house, an additional $1 is appreciated. A 10-mile round trip is no laughing matter!

If you are thinking to yourself: "This is way too much work, all I wanted to do was work out how much to tip the pizza delivery guy!", then do not fret, this pizza tip calculator will do all of the work for you. Just read the next section.

How to use our pizza tip calculator

If you are frightened by the instructions above, you are fortunate that you don't need to work out how much to tip pizza guy - well, not when you have this pizza tip calculator. There are other advantages too; you don't have to worry about making errors in your head, you can save a lot of time, and you can be sure of the result by calculating your tip with our pizza tip calculator. Now, all you need to do to calculate how much to tip the pizza delivery guy is:

  1. Select the number of people you are sharing your pizza with from the drop-down menu. Don't worry if you are just eating by yourself; we have provided an option for that.
  2. Input the cost of the bill into the bill field.
  3. Select whether you are eating in/taking away or are having the pizza delivered straight to your doorstep. Then decide on the factors that impact how much your tip will be. Choose what quality of service you received, and, if getting a delivery, the nature of the weather outside, and the distance you live from the pizza establishment. Your recommended tip will appear in the recommended tip field.
  4. Decide whether or not you want to continue the calculation with the recommended tip by making a selection in the leave a custom tip? field. If you have elected to leave a custom tip, enter it as either a dollar value or as a percentage.
  5. Now choose if you are going to split the bill equally, or are going to make everyone pay on a per slice basis. If you have chosen the latter, enter the number of slices of pizza to be shared to calculate the price per slice. Don't worry if there are any uneaten slices.
  6. Now all that is left to do is enter the number of slices that each person ate. Doing this will compute how much each person has to pay for the meal.

It is that simple to calculate how much to tip a pizza guy between up to eight people! Please be aware, however, that this calculator is only 100% accurate when dealing with pizza of the same cost. If, for example, you bought two pizzas, a meat-lover-extreme-flavor-stuffed-crust and a margarita, between 4 people and you only had two slices of the margarita, you would be paying more than you ate if you inputted the bill into this calculator. To combat this, just compute each pizza one at a time. On the topic of tips, our tip from net price calculator will help not only figure out the tip amount but also calculate the gross price on the grounds of the net price and tax value.

Concerning pizza

Here at Omni, we are helplessly addicted to pizza. To help us deal with our addiction, we have created many pizza calculators, which we have, begrudgingly, shared with the general public. We have the pizza party calculator to inform you how many pizzas you should order so that no one at your party goes hungry, and the pizza size calculator will find which option is most cost-efficient: two small pizzas or one large. The latter calculates areas, circumferences, and other complicated geometrical properties to make sure that you will not overpay for your meal!
And if you decide to save some money, there's the pizza baking calculator - treat yourself for less and impress your friends!

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