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Picture this: you're throwing the most legendary party your friends have seen in years. There's music, there's dancing, there's even an epic game of beer pong going on. At some point, however, you discover you're running short on snacks. Somebody shouts: "let's order pizza!" The idea is great, but you start to wonder... How many pizzas do you need to feed this hungry crowd?

If parties are not your thing, imagine a different scenario. You and your coworkers are staying late in the office to watch a football game. The only thing missing is hot pizza with stretchy cheese and a few delicious slices of pepperoni. But yet again, you have to ask yourself the very same question:

How many pizzas should I order?

Now, instead of scratching your head in despair, you can simply reach for your phone and check out this pizza party calculator. With its help, not only will you be able to answer the question of how many pizzas for 30 people, but also how much money everyone owes you!

How many slices are in a large pizza?

Before we begin our calculations, let us make a short digression and talk about the number of slices in each pizza. Even though our pizza calculator automatically assumes that every pizza will be split into eight pieces, the reality is much more complicated. In general, you can expect the following number of slices per pizza:

  • Small (8-10"): 6 slices
  • Medium (12"): 8 slices
  • Large (14"): 10 slices
  • Extra large (16" or more): 12 slices

Naturally, your local pizza place might have a different approach to slicing pizza than some dudes from Omni Calculator, so be sure to double-check. The struggle is real.

This cheese is what we all live for.

How many pizzas for 30 people, then?

Now that you have had a look at the website of your local pizza shop let's start with the calculations! To find out how many pizzas to order, you need to figure out the following details:

  • Number of people. Unless it's really crowded and half of the people keep disappearing mysteriously right when you need them, this should be relatively easy to assess.

  • Hunger levels. Perform a simple check: throw a bag of chips at your guests. If it disappears mid-air, they're definitely starving, and you should hurry up with that pizza order.

  • Your pizza of choice. You need to fill in some information, such as the size, the number of slices (oh, the struggle), crust type, pizza type (a little bit of everything is a safe bet unless you're dead certain everyone loves Hawaii pizza) and, naturally, the price. Each of these parameters will influence your final order, so choose wisely!

Once you figured out all of these details, you can finally relax. Our pizza party calculator takes care of everything from now on! In particular, you can expect the following information:

  • How many pizzas you should order.

  • Slices per person. This is what you need to tell your guests - after all, you don't want two or three gluttons to devour your entire supply of pizza, do you? If the result has some fraction and you don't want to cut the slices, you can round it down. Then, use the modulo calculator to find out how many slices are left for you or other hungry guests.

  • Calories per person. Yes, you guessed it - if there are any persons on a diet in the room, you can happily hand them a memo with the caloric value of their share.

  • Total cost. Make sure to prepare the money beforehand.

  • Cost per person. Last but not least, our pizza party calculator finds out how much everyone owes you - unless you're in a generous mood and plan to sponsor the food.

Let's grab that pizza!

Did I get the best deal?

Naturally, your primary concern is to feed everybody in the room. If, however, you would also like to make sure you're not overpaying for your pizza, be sure to give this pizza size calculator a try. What does it do? Simply put, it finds out which of two pizzas of different sizes is more cost-efficient. (It also has some hilarious GIFs. Just saying.)

Don't forget to leave a tip for your pizza! It's a good thing to share your joy with others. Our tip calculator will help you share the bill (and tip) equally or depending on the number of eaten slices! It will also tell you how much to tip for different services in the USA, as well as in other countries.

It's time to plan your next party! 🥩 Choose your BBQ size and the amount of food you'll need for a given number of people.

Leave no slice unturned.
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