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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

Our days until fall calculator is the ultimate fall countdown: we can tell you how far you are from the beginning of this season to the second! Keep reading this short article to learn:

  • What is fall: seasonal facts;
  • How to count how many days until fall (its first day);
  • How to use our days until fall calculator;

and more!

Are you ready for some foliage?

What is fall?

Fall is the season when leaves... fall. Fall is an "intermediate season", also known as autumn, between the warmth of the summer and the cold of the winter. We associate fall with Nature's "going to sleep": the green leaving space to yellow, the first frosts, shorter days.

Fall is associated with harvest and a general closure of the year, and many old-world traditions reflect this fact. From reflective religious festivities (think of All Saints Day compared to the Easter celebrations, infused with a message of rebirth) to traditional rites to mark the conclusion of the growing season, fall always marked a noticeable change in Nature and our lives.

Do you want to know how many days are left until fall and its first day? Keep reading!

How many days until fall starts? It depends!

To calculate the days until fall, or even better, until its beginning, we must look for a specific date: the autumnal equinox.

An equinox is a moment of the year when in every place on Earth, the amount of sunlight and darkness are equal: from pole to pole; on an equinox day, there are 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.

🙋 The name equinox comes from Latin, particularly from the words equi-, which means the same, and nox, the word for night. An equinox is, in fact, a moment where the night is the same as the day.

Equinoxes are intermediate moments of the year, bridging the extremes of the summer and winter solstices. There are two equinoxes:

  • One in March; and
  • One in September.

Each hemisphere of Earth associates equinoxes with spring and fall but at opposing times of the year.

  • For the northern hemisphere, the autumn equinox falls in September; while
  • For the southern hemisphere, the autumn equinox falls in March.

Now we know to which month we should look when counting how many days until fall starts. What about the number of days? As our calendar doesn't align perfectly with the movement of Earth, there is a margin of error that causes the date of the equinoxes to shift by some hours (at most a day or two). These variations are cyclical, and they repeat approximately every 400 years.

What are the dates of the next equinoxes?


Season (North)




March 20


September 23



March 20


September 22



March 20


September 22



March 20


September 23



March 20


September 22

To calculate how many days until fall starts, simply subtract the dates of the relevant equinox from the starting date. Adjust the subtraction to the number of days in each month to obtain accurate results.

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In which month does fall begin?

The months in which fall begins depend on the hemisphere you are considering:

  • In the norhtern hemisphere, fall begins in September.
  • In the southern hemisphere, fall begins in March.

The exact day of the beginning of fall is not fixed and can move by up to four days.

How do I calcualte how many days until fall starts?

To calculate how many days until fall starts:

  1. Find the date of the fall equinox for your hemisphere and the desired year.
  2. Fix the date from which you want to start the countdown.
  3. Subtract the equinox's date and the initial date.
    • If your initial date is past the equinox, you have to sum the distance between each date and New Year's Eve between them!
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