Aspect ratio calculator and screen size calculator – what are these and what do we use them for? In brief, they are two very essential, quick and comfortable tools used to resize your images or videos for the purpose of adapting them to the requirements of your project.

What is aspect ratio?

Aspect ratio is a proportional relationship between the width and height of an image. It is usually described with two numbers and a semicolon between them, for example, 2:1. This means that the width of the image is twice its height. It’s a very useful device for resizing photos or videos for your blog.

How to calculate aspect ratio?

Applying the aspect ratio calculator is very easy. You need to divide the original height by the original width and then multiply this number by the new width to get the new height. These steps will give you the correct height for your edited image.

  • take your original height. In our case let’s make it 1200 pixs
  • take your original width. In our case let’s make it 1600 pixs
  • divide the height by the width, e.g. 1200 / 1600 = 0,75
  • multiply the quotient by the preferred width e.g. 0,75 x 300 = 400
  • the resulting figure is your new width given in pixels

What is screen size?

Screen size detects the physical dimensions of your display in inches and indicates the number of pixels that can be displayed on the screen of your computer. It’s essential for every webmaster to be able to calculate screen size. In order to do that, you can either calculate it on your own or use our calculator.

How to calculate screen size?

The very first thing you need to do is to chose you aspect ratio. Then, you have to give any of these three measurements: diagonal length, width or height. It is enough to give one of them and the rest will be calculated automatically in centimeters or in inches.

  • set up you aspect ratio
  • give one of the measures: height, width or dimensional
  • chose the units: centimeters or inches

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