This final grade calculator is a time-saving device useful in quickly determining what your final grade will be, provided you give some data of course. Because getting the right grade could be the difference between getting top honors or simply passing a class, it's necessary to know exactly what grade you need to get on that last exam in order to receive the grade you need or desire. If you are interested in the final grade calculator, you might be interested in checking out our average calculator too.

What are the basics involved in the final grade calculator?

Let's breakdown the values needed and look at a simple formula.

  • Current grade: what is your average grade for all the work done in class so far. For example, 80 %. It might be helpful to use our grade calculator if you're having any difficulties figuring out your current grade.
  • Final exam's weight: how much your final exam is worth compared to all the other class values (assignments, projects, quizzes, etc.) For instance, 40 % of your overall grade.
  • Required grade: this is your final grade in the class, the one you need to pass the class or achieve your personal goals. For example, let's say it's 85 %.
  • Final exam grade needed: the final exam grade you need to score in order to get the 'required grade'. Given all the values mentioned above, the Final Exam grade needed is 92.5 %.

Let's put all these values together in one simple equation now:

How to calculate the final grade?

To use the final grade calculator you must supply some basic data. First, you need to know what your current grade is. Then, you need to plug in the weight of the final exam. Teachers and professors normally supply that information in the class syllabus or provide it at some moment during the course. Once you determine what those values are, you need to supply only one more value, namely, the required grade. This is the minimum grade you need or want in order to achieve your academic aims, whatever they may be. Let's consider the following example:

  1. Imagine your current grade is an 88 %
  2. The final exam weight counts for 50 % of your overall grade (it's a weighted average, where the final exam usually is more important than anything else that came before).
  3. You want to get a 93 % in the class (an A or top percentage bracket depending on the grading method)
  4. You will need to score at least a 97 % on the final exam.

How is the final grade calculator useful?

Academic life implies schoolwork and ultimately some form of evaluation of performance. Being able to correctly estimate what kind of effort you need to put into a course can be a big deal when you have many different classes to attend. Time is a limited, as is personal energy. Doing some clever calculations, students can intelligently organize their time in order to get the best grades where it matters most. The final grade calculator is just one means to this end. Instead of studying blindly, students can use it to decide how and where to invest the best of their study time and energy. You might cut down study time on the course where you need a lower final exam grade and invest that valuable time working harder in another area. Whether you just need a passing grade or a single percentage point higher to get that summa cum laude, the final grade calculator can save you a bit of study time by quickly informing you exactly what kind of final exam grade you need to achieve your goal.

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