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Last updated: Apr 06, 2022

New Year's Resolutions Calculator can help you change your life. Really. It may encourage you to deal with your own resolutions and shows how much you can benefit from them. Are you planning to save money to make your dreams come true? Is your resolution to quit smoking? Are you wondering how to lose weight? Or maybe you are willing to stop wasting time online? Wait no longer! The answer is right here.

Our OmniTeam members created this mega-multi-omni-tool specially for you. Hanna Pamuła, PhD student, and Łukasz Białek, MD, were working hard for long time - everything to help you find motivation and give you a hand in sticking to your New Year's goals. So give it a try, experiment, and make a to-do list for this New Year. You'll thank yourself in the future!

New Year's Resolutions statistics by Omni

What are New Year's resolutions?

A New Year resolution is a decision made on the occasion of New Year's Day 🎆. It's often quitting a bad habit or doing something throughout the coming year 📅. However, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve your life, you need to find motivation and persistence. And what is more motivating than seeing the eventual result of our New Year's decision? We know it very well - that's why we created this calculator.

Where did the tradition of New Year's resolutions come from? It has its origins in Ancient times. The Babylonians are said to have been the first people to make New Year's resolutions, some 4,000 years ago. They promised to their gods at the beginning of the New Year to pay their debt and return borrowed objects. If the Babylonians kept their word, their gods would bestow favor on them for the coming year. So, probably, they had a strong motivation - would you like to have a god as an enemy?

Afterwards, the Romans began every year with promises to the god Janus. Also for early Christians, New Year was a time for thinking about their past mistakes and resolving to do and be better in the future.

As you can see, this is an old tradition, but still cultivated in many Western countries. In spite of religious roots, resolutions nowadays are mostly a secular practice - people make resolutions to themselves focusing on self-improvement and personal development.

New Year's resolutions ideas

On the New Year's time, millions of people around the world decide to change their lives for the better. Did you know that even as many as two-thirds of people make some New Year's resolutions? According to the surveys by Statistic Brain Research Institute and, the most popular ideas for New Year's resolutions are:

  • eat healthier 🍏
  • get more exercise / lose weight 🏃
  • save money 💰
  • focus on self-care 😊
  • read more 📚
  • make new friends 👬
  • learn a new skill / take up a new hobby 🎸
  • get a new job 💼
  • quit smoking 🚭
  • have more sex 🏩
  • travel more 🌄
  • find love 💕

As you can see, there are many different resolutions taken every year. Most of them are related to self-development or self-care, but also you'll find there the ones connected with money or relations. Do you find your resolution on that list?

The most common New Year's resolutions in the US

All over the world, people promise themselves to change their lives at the dawn of New Year. As you can imagine, the resolutions vary among different parts of the globe, but did you expect that they are totally different between neighboring states? Ranking of New Year's resolutions by state prepared in 2016 using geotagged Twitter data revealed that in 18 states, the top resolution is to lose weight, in 13 it's to save money and in 11 is to exercise more.

New Year's resolutions by state
Source:, standards

What are the reasons for that situation? It's still not exactly clear but if you have your own ideas - don't hesitate and contact us!

How to stick to your resolutions?

Every beginning of the year the resolutions are a hot topic in traditional and social media. Millions of people worldwide are willing to change their lives, but how many of them actually succeed? Unfortunately, that's a totally different thing. According to U.S. News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February!

So what we can do to increase our chances for a perfect life? How to really change your habits and lifestyle? Here are our tips for you!

  1. Set realistic goals to yourself

    There is nothing worse than setting an unrealistic goal. Resolution of visiting the gym five times a week, when your last year membership card is collecting the dust on the shelf, or no-sweets policy when you can't survive a day without a bar of chocolate, are definitely the unrealistic ones. Instead, try to make resolutions that will challenge you a bit and allow you to grow and learn new things in the process. Taking on too much will only exhaust and put you off, making you more likely to give up in a week or two.

  2. Define your resolutions properly

    Usually "I'm gonna read more" is not enough. Set a specific goal that's possible to maintain. You can use our calculator to get some details about your resolution. Also, making a plan and jotting down the details may be helpful - make a list of the books to read, fix the time and day of reading, and you're one step further.

  3. Think about small details

    Enjoy even small successes. The big picture is important, but connecting your goal to the present makes it more digestible and easier to stick with. Write down your progress regularly and put it in a visible place - your heart will swell from pride! And that's the best incentive to carry on.

  4. Make no excuses, quit all ifs, buts, ands

    Find simple challenges that you can make happen! Don't let yourself for even one day off as it often makes you eager to take the whole week and month. I'll start 1st February again - nope, it's not working like that.

  5. Trust yourself

    When you realize that small things you planned do happen, embrace the truth - What I say to myself is what I do. And then follow this rule and be proud of yourself.

  6. Challenge and reward yourself

    Invent various challenges throughout the day to strengthen your ability to believe and to do. Reward yourself to improve your self-esteem and trust.

  7. Make resolutions with your partner/friends

    It's always better to have social support. Fighting together can keep you moving forward through difficult times. And it's also better to celebrate the success with somebody afterwards!

  8. Use New Year's resolution calculator to find both the profits and motivation!

    Check our calculator, find a resolution for yourself and calculate what you exactly need to do. The benefits will appear as a result and they may give you a lot of motivation to change your life at last!

New Year's resolutions calculator

New Year's resolutions calculator is a tool that helps you in choosing your own resolution for the upcoming year. You can also see the potential results of your resolution and get a lot of motivation for the whole year! It may also be a good practice to come back here later, during the year, to remind yourself about what you've decided and how much you'll profit from carrying on.

Here's the list of the resolutions you may want to take up with Omni Calculator:

  • Exercise more - Is your BMI way to high? Or are you wondering how to be more fit? Check out how much you need to exercise to get your target weight. But remember the point one from the previous paragraph - setting realistic goals is the key to success.

  • Eat healthier - Are you wondering how to eat healthier? Or maybe you need a number, how much you'll profit on quitting junk food? Here you can find out how cutting down on fast food products can reduce the calories, fat or sugars consumption.

  • Quit or reduce smoking - It doesn't matter how many pack-years do you have. There is still a chance for you to reduce your risk of lung cancer and save a fortune by quitting or reducing smoking!

  • Stop wasting time online - Do you think you are so busy that you have no spare time? Choose that resolution and find out for yourself. It's a really huge amount of time! Think out how much time you're wasting - and how many things you could do at that time!

  • Learn a new skill - Do you want to learn a foreign language? Or how to play the guitar? Find out how much time you need to master chosen skill.

  • Read more - It doesn't matter if you are a fast-reading bookworm or haven't read a single book last year - this is a chance to increase the number of books you read. With our tool, you can calculate easily how regular reading transfers into books read in a year.

  • Save (more) money - Do you want to know how to save money in an effective and deliberate way? Check out when you can afford a new car, phone or your dream vacations if you regularly set aside a specific amount from your budget.

Example of use

After going through all that stuff, are you still wondering about trying to take up a resolution for this year? If the answer is yes, then follow us step by step and see how simple it is to use our calculator:

  1. Begin with choosing your personal resolution. Do you smoke? Maybe it's a time to stop! Did you always think you don't have time for reading? Make a resolution to read some books! So let's choose Read more 📚 for our example.

  2. Enter the time you are willing to read a week - or a day if you are going to read every single day (did we mention the unrealistic goals threat?). Let's say you decide to read three hours a week.

  3. Choose your reading speed from a drop-down list or type it yourself. Let's say you are an average adult reader, which means that your reading speed is about 240 words/minute.

  4. Change settings regarding the average number of pages in the book and words on the pages or rely on us. In our example we will stay with default values.

  5. Find out how many books you can read in a New Year if you stick with your resolution! It's 23, awesome! Are you convinced now?

Don't procrastinate, let's do it!

Do you still have doubts about taking up New Year's resolutions? Don't hesitate, it's really worth taking the risk. Choose a challenging (but possible) resolution, find motivation, calculate the benefits, give your best and try!

New Year Resolutions meme - don't wait for next year

And if it fails, remember, it's not the end of the world. Draw conclusions and try again next day! 😀

Hanna Pamuła, PhD candidate and Łukasz Białek, MD
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