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Last updated: May 09, 2022

Is the end of semester is coming? Brace yourself with the semester grade calculator. The tool determines your semester grade 📚 based on your performance.

If the question is "What grade do I need in my finals to pass?", this grade average calculator will also answer it. The article below contains some tips on how to get through your midterms, how this final calculator works, and, finally, a practical example of how to use it.

What grade do I need to pass?

Grades don't matter in the real world, and they don't define you as a person. It's true! Still, finishing school is an important step in getting the job of your dreams, and getting a positive grade is crucial. And don't forget that, in college, better grades may mean you pay off your student loan quicker 👩‍🎓

With this grade average calculator, you can plan your work for the whole semester. Not only that! Imagine, it's midterm time, you're just before your finals, and you'd like to know how many points you need to get a particular final grade. Nothing could be easier with this final calculator - just put in your results so far, the weights of each quarter, and the final grade you want into the calculator.

How can I improve my grades>

There are many techniques that can improve your results at school. Here we go through some of them.

  1. Organize your time. You can use the Pomodoro technique to better plan your free time.
  2. Pay attention to classes. It'll reduce the time you spend trying to learn the topic at home.
  3. Give some extra time towards the topics you're not the best at. Focus on the subjects you've been struggling with.
  4. Don't let yourself be distracted 📵 by social media and TV. There's nothing wrong with watching one episode in the evening - just be careful - don't let it become a binge-watch.
  5. Improve your studying style. Maybe you prefer to take notes with a lot of graphs? Or watch youtube videos with explanations? Or perhaps what you need is to explain everything you learn in your own words? Try them out and find what suits you best.
  6. Ask friends for help or hire a private tutor. Sometimes you simply need more time to understand some topics. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

All of the above are just suggestions. If you feel you need extra help, search the Internet or ask your teachers at school.

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How to use the semester grade calculator? 🎓

In this midterm calculator, you need to input a couple of values:

  1. Your grade from the first quarter and the percent of the whole semester's grade it represents.
  2. Your second quarter's outcome along with its weight.
  3. Your final exam results with, once again, what part of the total semester grade it makes up.

Suppose you ask yourself, "What grade do I need to finish the semester with X grade", use the semester grade calculator backward. By that, we mean that you input, just like above, 1. and 2., and after that you fill in your semester grade goal and its weight. And the desired final grade appears!

Grade average calculator in practice

What's theory without practice? The saying is well known everywhere except schools. Yet, we'll work on an example to describe the use of this semester grade calculator.

Elizabeth is a 7th-grade student, and her first semester went pretty well. She got 70% in the first quarter, which is 40% of her semester grade. The second quarter was a bit harder, and she got 65%, but it's only 30% of the grade. Elizabeth would like to know her semester grade before the official information from her teacher. From the final exam, she got 80%. Its weight is, of course: 100% - 40% - 30% = 30%

Semester grade = 70% * 0.4 + 65% * 0.3 + 80 * 0.3

Semester grade = 71.5%

Her semester grade is 71.5%. She did well in her finals and managed to bring up her grade. Good job!


How do I calculate the weighted grade for a class?

To calculate the weighted grade for a class:

  1. Gather all your grades so far and their weights (the percentage each grade comprises of the whole semester).
  2. Multiply each grade by its weight. Remember, that if the weight is a percentage (i.e., 10%, 30%, 50%...) you’ll need to express each multiplicand as its decimal equivalent (i.e., 0.1, 0.3, 0.5…).
  3. Sum the products that from Step 2. This represents your weighted grade:
    Weighted grade = (Grade 1 × Weight 1) + (Grade 2 × Weight 2) + (Grade 3 × Weight 3) + …

How do I calculate my semester grade?

To illustrate how to calculate your semester grade, let’s use an example. Imagine that your grades are 65%, 70%, and 75% for each term:

  1. Multiply your first term's grade by the percent of the whole semester's grade it represents (weight):
    65% × 0.3 = 19.5%
  2. Similarly, multiply your second semester's grade by its weight:
    70% × 0.4 = 28%
  3. Repeat again by multiplying your final exam grade by its weight:
    75% × 0.3 = 22.5%
  4. Finally, sum all these values to calculate your semester grade:
    Semester grade = 19.5% + 28% + 22.5% = 70%

How do I calculate what final exam grade I need?

To calculate what final exam grade you need, find your current grades and the semester grade that you’d like to achieve:

  1. Multiply your current grades by their weights and sum them to get your Current grade.
  2. From your desired semester grade, subtract the previous value:
    Semester grade - Current grade = Final exam weighted
    This represents your weighted final exam grade needed to get your chosen grade.
  3. Divide the previous value by the weight of the final exam:
    Final exam grade = Final exam total / Final exam weight

How do I average two grades from a semester?

To average two grades from a semester:

  1. Multiply each grade by the percentage of the whole semester’s grade they represent (weight):
    (Grade 1 × Weight 1) + (Grade 2 × Weight 2)
  2. Divide this by the sum of the weights:
    Average = ((Grade 1 × Weight 1) + (Grade 2 × Weight 2)) / (Weight 1 + Weight 2)
  3. That’s it! Now you know how to average two grades.
Dominika Śmiałek, MD, PhD candidate
📕 First quarter
Percent of semester grade (weight)
📗 Second quarter
Percent of semester grade (weight)
🖋️ Final exam
Percent of semester grade (weight)
🎓 Semester grade
The weights of the grades need to add up to 100%.
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