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Tree Spacing Calculator

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Why should we plant more trees?When is the best time to plant trees?Is the tree spacing calculator for me?How to use the tree spacing calculator - calculating trees per acreWhat if I can't find what I wish to plant on the list of trees?What is the recommended distance between trees?What is the formula for calculating tree spacing?

A tree spacing calculator is a great tool to gauge how many trees you should plant.

It doesn't matter if you want to calculate oak or pear tree spacing - use the tree spacing calculator to figure out how many trees you can grow in your farm field or garden while providing them with enough sunlight, water, and space for roots. You can switch between tree species for acre and tree species for are (or hectare). This number of trees per acre calculator is a helpful tool for those who prefer to use Imperial units.

We have another similar tool - bulb spacing calculator.

Why should we plant more trees?

Obvious, but not the only reason we should plant more trees is that they take in carbon dioxide that humans and other organisms produce. In exchange for the pollution they absorb, trees give off oxygen, which every living creature on Earth needs. 🌳🌲🍃

Trees play a vital role in water cycles. They help to prevent flash storms and flash flooding and recharge underground aquifers.

Trees are also home to many species like birds and squirrels 🐿️, so they provide a balance between city and wildlife.

We can't forget about the fact that trees feed us. In your garden, you can grow fruits or nuts 🌰. Who knows, maybe your backyard tree feeds not only you but also a squirrel who lives in the treetops.

Last but not least, it is a scientific fact that trees have a good impact on our mental and physical health - they reduce our stress levels and increase the healing of patients in hospitals with a view of green areas.

You can read more about the impact of trees on human health in Urban Trees and Human Health: A Scoping Review.

If you want to read about the benefits of having trees in your neighborhood, check our tree benefits calculator!

You can also check rainfall volumes in your garden by using our rainfall calculator. It will help to make a decision on which tree species is appropriate according to water requirements.

When is the best time to plant trees?

Early spring and late summer are the best time to plant trees when they are not exposed to extremely low or high temperatures and have enough time to establish roots.

Of course, the time of tree planting it's strictly connected with the climate zone you live in. The time of planting for a particular time of year will be different for Australia and the United States. Also , in the United States, we can distinguish four different climate zones.).

Our calculator assumes you know the tree species characteristic for your climate zone and that you will choose wisely. It would help if you remembered that every tree has its unique needs and areas have different climate conditions, so you should check the best time to rearrange your garden before you begin.

Is the tree spacing calculator for me?

Our tree calculator is helpful for those who want to:

  • Rearrange their backyard 🏡 or garden.
  • Figured out how to calculate trees per acre or are.
  • Calculate apple tree spacing 🍎 or pear tree spacing 🍐 in the fruit orchard (or any other type of fruit tree you desire).
  • Find the optimum tree population per area to provide access to sun, water, and space for roots... 🌤️🌧️ 🌱

...or anything you need this calculator for!

How to use the tree spacing calculator - calculating trees per acre

You can easily calculate the optimum number of trees for your garden, fruit orchard, or farm field. You need to know how long and wide the area is and what species of trees you want to plant. Once you have this information, you can input the data into the appropriate fields.

Remember that our calculator will generate figures based on the minimal distance between the type of tree you choose, according to botanical outlines. If you want, you can increase the distance between trees. It's up to you.

To calculate the number of trees per acre, input 1 acre into the area field. So then, if you have five acres of land, the number of trees will be approximately five times the number per acre. It will only be an approximate value because there may have been some extra space we will need to cater for because our calculator is rounding down.

If you are interested in gardening, you should try our other gardening tools like the compost calculator.

What if I can't find what I wish to plant on the list of trees?

The tree spacing calculator does not include all the tree species known to humankind. If you can't find your tree, you should choose the one most biologically similar to your first choice.

For example, if you are looking for a fruit tree with a low wood thickness, you should choose apple tree spacing.
If you can't find biological similarity, you can calculate tree density per acre by inputting just the distance between your trees without choosing species from the suggested list.

What is the formula for calculating tree spacing?

This calculator is based on Trees population formula:

Trees population = floor(length / space between trees) * floor(width/space between trees)

Where length is the length of your plot and width is the width of your plot. Space between trees is the distance between every tree (you can input data by yourself), and the floor formula is rounding down your results. The calculator is rounding down the tree population outcome because you should know the exact number of plants you need to have - you don't want to get fractions of trees as your result, right?

Our tree spacing tool calculates tree density per acre by rectangular spacing. If you want triangular spacing, check our advanced plant spacing calculator.

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