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Last updated: May 22, 2024

The swine gestation calculator will tell you the approximate date your pig will give birth to little piglets. Input the day of the breeding, and the farrowing date will appear in seconds. Whether you are a big farm owner or have one mini pig, this farrowing calculator will tell when to be ready to support your animal during labor.

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How long is pig's gestation period?

Both domestic, standard breed and miniature breeds of pig have a gestation period of 112–120 days. If a pig farrows before the 109-th day of her pregnancy, it's considered abortion. When piglets are born between 109 and 112 days of gestation, it's premature farrowing. Usually, breeders say that the farrow comes around 114 days after the breeding. Our swine gestation calculator gives you an approximate date of farrowing, exactly 114 days after breeding.

Pig gestation calendar

Some animals breed during spring, some during summer, and, for others, the season doesn't matter. Pigs belong to the latter. Pigs reach sexual maturity at 3 to 12 months old and then experience heat every 18 to 24 days. If you keep a male and female pig together for more than 24 days, there is a high probability that they have bred, and the sow is pregnant.

Two little piglets

Pigs can give birth from one to even 20 or more piglets. On average, the fourth litter is the biggest one. Both litter size and gestation period depend on the sow's genetics, age, environment, nutrition, weight, and parity.

The most obvious sign that a sow is pregnant is that she doesn't go into heat after an appropriate number of days. Other much less noticeable signs are physical changes in the belly shape and weight gain. Near the farrowing date, the sow will act restless and begin to nest.

How to use our swine gestation calculator?

With our swine gestation calculator, you can easily get your pig's farrowing date by inputting the date of breeding. Just click on the calendar icon, and find the correct year, month, and day. The calculator also works in reverse: if you need to know when your sow was bred, input the date of the expected farrow.

🙋 Remember that Omni's farrowing calculator gives an estimate — it assumes that your pig's pregnancy is exactly 114 days. In the end, it may be a few days off, so make sure to consult your vet for more precise information.

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How many piglets can a pig have?

At once, a sow can give birth to only one piglet or as many as twenty piglets. The number of piglets a sow can farrow throughout its life depends on its genetic potential, environment, and feed. Sows show different productivity potentials at different ages and parity. Usually, the fourth litter is the biggest one.

How many months is 114 days?

114 days is approximately 3 months, 3 weeks, and 1 or 2 days (The number can vary because of the different lengths of months.).

How old does a pig have to be to breed?

According to National Hog Farmer, a pig needs to be at least around 230 days old, weigh 300 pounds (136 kg), and during its second or third heat. It's not recommended to breed a pig during the first heat.

How long is a pigs gestation period?

Both mini pig's and domestic pig's pregnancy lasts for around 114 days. The length of the gestation period depends on the litter, weight, environment, and parity. Generally, it can take from 112 to 120 days.

How long are mini pig's pregnant?

Mini pigs, just like domestic pigs, have a gestation period of around 114 days, so around 3 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days.

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