Dog Pregnancy Calculator

Created by Łucja Zaborowska, MD, PhD candidate
Last updated: Aug 02, 2021

Our dog pregnancy calculator allows you to estimate your favorite pet's due date! Who doesn't love puppies? 🐶

So, when will my dog give birth, Calculator?

This canine pregnancy calculator will provide you with the number of days left until the delivery date, as well as the exact day of the week the labor is going to happen on!

Read on to get some advanced details about dog pregnancy and labor!

How to calculate dog pregnancy?

How long are dogs pregnant for?

Our dog pregnancy calculator is based on a fact that gestation in dogs lasts for about 63 days (almost two months). We need to remember that nature often doesn't adhere to strict rules - this period may vary from 58 to even 68 days!

The dog gestation calculator uses the following formula:

Due date = Date of mating + 63 days

  • If you know the mating date, your vet may perform a palpation test 28 days after breeding to confirm that your dog is pregnant.

  • Don't know the mating date? Your veterinarian can estimate the gestational age and the dog's due date by performing a simple, painless ultrasound check.

  • Another way to check on your dog's pregnancy is to perform an X-ray once the gestational process is further along. At the beginning of the pregnancy, the puppies are not visible due to a low level of ossification.

  • Your veterinarian may also investigate your dog's level of relaxin, a hormone produced exclusively during pregnancy.

Want to find out more about the pregnancy of other species? 🤔

Dog due date, labor, and pregnancy

Your dog can get pregnant between the ages of 2 to 6 (that's much more in dog years!). The female is most fertile in her 2nd or 3rd heat (heat happens every 5 to 11 months). That's also when we can expect the largest litter.

When pregnant, your dog will start to eat more and gain weight, and lab tests may show anemia and an elevated number of white blood cells. Remember, that false pregnancy is a relatively common occurrence in dogs!

Factors that may influence the number of puppies:

  • breed of the dog (large dogs: 8-12 puppies, small dogs: 1-4);
  • amount of the male's sperm;
  • breeding time;
  • health of a female; and
  • the state of the dog's uterus (previous pregnancies).
Dog pregnancy calculator tells you when puppies will be born

Our dog gestation period calculator will familiarize you with how your dog's pregnancy develops, and the time left until her labor. At that time, your dog's temperature will drop by 33.8 °F. She will breathe more rapidly and have an elevated thirst. The dog will start to get nervous, and will gather all her toys in a safe, quiet place.

Once we computed the labor date with the dog due date calculator, it's sensible to prepare for it in advance. When the big day comes, you'll need:

  • sterile gloves;
  • sterilized scissors; and
  • a bottle with prepared formula.

❗ The dogs' labor may last from 12 to even 60(!) hours.

Did you know?

A dog's egg cell must mature for 2-5 days before it can be fertilized by sperm!

The puppy's wellbeing

Once you've used the pregnancy calculator, and you know the exact date your new puppies will arrive, try to keep in mind the following rules:

  1. During pregnancy, you have to avoid certain medications, including some antibiotics or antifungal treatments. Inform your vet that you suspect that your dog might be pregnant.

  2. Check if your dog is consuming enough food.

  • Starting at the beginning of the second month of the gestation, the pregnant dog should consume 20-25 % food more than usual;
  • At the end of pregnancy, the amount should rise to 50 %; and
  • During lactation, your dog should consume twice as much food as usual too.
  1. Pups will start to open their eyes after 8-10 days. They can't discriminate between shapes until the 18th day of their life! So, if they have trouble with sucking, you must help them navigate to their mother's nipples (don't worry, they know what to do once there).

We hope that our puppy due date calculator helps you assure yourself that everything's ready and under control for the arrival of some new lives! Share the joy! ❤️

Remember, keep the puppies away from chocolate or any sweets of chocolate flavor. (They'll be eager to devour everything once they're older!) You may find out more about the possible danger in our dog chocolate toxicity calculator. 🍫

Łucja Zaborowska, MD, PhD candidate
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