Our cat pregnancy calculator is an excellent tool for finding out the due date of your favorite feline!

Cats might be quite sneaky with their pregnancies — we know that such news might be quite a surprise! 😮 Our cat gestation table will help you answer a few crucial questions connected to the kittens' arrival:

  • How long are cats pregnant?
  • How can I tell that my cat is pregnant?
  • How can I assess my cat's gestation period in days?

Try out the cat pregnancy due date calculator and find out everything you need to know before the time comes!

cat being surprised by its pregnancy

How to calculate my cat's due date?

Here's the equation that will allow you to write down your cat's pregnancy week by week:

Cat due date = Mating date + 63 days

Remember that Mother Nature is not as accurate as math — the healthy due date of your cat is actually a range and may be between 58-71 days after mating.

As you can see, calculating your cat's due date is not tricky at all — you may use our ready-to-go cat gestation calculator or compute it all by yourself. 🐱

How to use the cat pregnancy calculator?

There's nothing easier! Enter your cat's estimated mating day and enjoy the results, including the exact day of the week of the delivery and the full range of possible delivery dates! 🎉

The cat pregnancy calculator is not enough for you? Would you like to discover something new? Try our other catty tools!

How many days is a cat pregnant?

Even though the cat gestation period may last between 58 and 71 days, we usually establish the average cat pregnancy length at 63 days.

Do we need a separate Bengal cat pregnancy calculator?

Like any other domestic feline, the Bengal cat is pregnant for 63 days on average — that's why you may use our kitten gestation calendar with no hesitation!

Pregnancy is probably the greatest nature miracle — isn't it the perfect time to read some more about it?

How to tell how far along your cat is?

There are multiple ways to assess your cat's pregnancy length — the easiest one is to visit your vet, since the enlargement of your cat's tummy might also be a sign of a severe disease.

Let's see other home methods we can use by observing cat pregnancy day by day:

  1. Assessing your cat's nipples

    Your cat's nipples will become swollen and turn red/dark in color within the 15-18 days of the pregnancy.

  2. Enlarged tummy

    The tummy of a future mum enlarges after 2-3 weeks of the pregnancy. Your cat baby will also start to gain weight — even up to 2 extra kilograms (4.4 lb)!

  3. Heat is missing

    A healthy female cat has the heat (a period of increased fertility) every 2-3 weeks. If you know your cat's behavior pretty well, you can count how many of the heats she's already missed.

angry pregnant sphinx cat

So, you've put when will my cat give birth calculator to good use, and you now know how far along your cat is. Admit it — you just can't wait for the kittens to arrive!

Can you feel kittens in a pregnant cat?

Touching the pregnant cat's belly may seem appealing, but you need to avoid doing that — in a worst-case scenario, such an action can hurt both the mother and the babies!

After just a few weeks, we can feel something similar to the beads chain in a cat's belly — these are young kittens starting to grow! Later on, you can clearly feel separate kittens and even see them moving.

Still hungry for knowledge?

We got way too many good animal tools to miss! 🐶

Did you know that some of the human drugs can be used in animals? 🤔


How long are cats pregnant?

Cats are pregnant for:

  • 63 days, or
  • 9 weeks, or
  • 2.07 months, or
  • 0.1725 years, or
  • 1512 hours, or
  • 5443200 seconds.

All these calculations were made with the use of the minute tool. 😜

Łucja Zaborowska, MD
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