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Created by Bogna Szyk and Maciej Kowalski, PhD candidate
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Last updated: May 18, 2023

Welcome to Omni's goat gestation calculator, where we'll compute when you can expect the kids to appear. The only number we need here is how long goats are pregnant: once we have that, we just add the number of days to the breeding date and have the result.

But how long is goat gestation exactly? And how do you tell if a goat is pregnant?

How long is goat gestation?

It is important to differentiate between standard breeds and miniature breeds (just like Omni's goat due date calculator does). To be precise, on average, it takes around five more days for the prior. And to be even more precise, it is:

  • Around 150 days for standard breeds; and
  • Around 145 days for miniature breeds.

However, remember that the time depends on other factors: the breed, litter weight, environment, or even parity. The kids may come up to five days earlier or later than the result given by the goat gestation calculator. Our tool simply uses the average number.

🙋 Remember that 🐐Omni's goat due date calculator gives an estimate. In the end, it may be a few days off, so make sure to consult your vet for more precise information.

Nevertheless, the average of how long goats are pregnant still gives a good estimate and lets you prepare for the big day. And what time of year does it usually happen?

Goat gestation calendar

Usually, goats tend to breed between late summer and early winter. Therefore, if we count the 150 days (or 145 for miniatures) that we use in Omni's goat calculator, we get that the goat gestation period should finish in the months and seasons when it's easier for the mothers to feed their babies: spring or summer.

Make sure the pregnant goats are well fed.

Again, let us stress that nature has its ways, and the animals can feel the mood on other dates. Whatever the day, remember to mark it, count the months or use a goat gestation calculator, and be prepared.

Studies show that, in general, the first pregnancy gives one or two kids. Later, goats can deliver three or four, with even five or six on rare occasions. Whatever the number, make sure to consult a vet to ensure the best health of both the mother and kids. Especially if you choose to help with the delivery synthetically.

Alright, it looks like we've learned all about the goat gestation period. We know how to tell if a goat is pregnant and the way to calculate the delivery date. It's high time we explain how we can get all the answers using Omni's goat pregnancy calculator.

Example: using the goat pregnancy calculator

Our goat calculator has only three variable fields, out of which you fill only two. The step-by-step instruction is the following:

  1. At the top of the goat due date calculator, choose the breed: is it standard or miniature?
  2. Select the breeding date:
    • Click on the variable field to open the calendar; and
    • Select the year, month, and day.
  3. The moment you do that, the goat gestation calculator will show the kidding date underneath.

For instance, if we choose the standard breed and input that the breeding happened on Halloween, October 31, then the goat gestation calendar will tell you to expect the kids around March 30.

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How long are goats pregnant?

Usually, it's around 150 days for standard breeds and five days less for miniature breeds. However, remember that it depends on many factors such as the breed, litter weight, environment, or parity. At times, it may take as many as five days less or more.

How do I tell if a goat is pregnant?

Observe the goat's body and behavior. After about two weeks from breeding, the animal will start to put on weight, and her stomach will grow tighter. Also, she may behave differently than before (e.g., be less cuddly) and produce less milk.

How many babies do goats have per pregnancy?

Studies suggest that usually, the first time, a goat has up to two kids. In subsequent pregnancies, the number may rise to four or even to six in rare cases.

Can you use a pregnancy test on a goat?

No. Human pregnancy tests are calibrated for humans and won't indicate whether a goat is having kids. Your best bet is either an ultrasound detection or a blood test.

When do you breed goats after kidding?

In general, you may want to wait several months. Although a goat might get back in heat sooner, pregnancy, kidding, and feeding is tiring for the mother, so you should let her rest a bit. Most goats give birth once a year, so waiting 12 months from the last breeding sounds like a good idea.

How do I calculate a goat's due date?

To calculate a goat's due date, you need to:

  1. Determine the breeding date.
  2. Count for that date:
    • 150 days for standard breeds; or
    • 145 days for miniature breeds.
  3. Get ready for the kids.
  4. Remember that they may come up to 5 days earlier or later.
Bogna Szyk and Maciej Kowalski, PhD candidate
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