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Welcome to Omni's guinea pig years to human years calculator, a simple tool to convert your guinea pig's age to human years.

Did you know that guinea pigs can live anywhere from 5 to 7 years? As an owner of this fluffy South American rodent, you might also have wondered how old your guinea pig is in human years. Well, keep reading, and you'll find a guinea pig age chart and the answers to your questions, such as:

  • How old are guinea pigs in human years?
  • What does the guinea pig age chart look like?
  • How long do guinea pigs live? And more!

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⚠️ Due to significant physiological and developmental differences between the two species, guinea pigs' age cannot be directly translated into human years. Therefore, this calculator provides an approximation that should be interpreted as a rough estimate rather than an exact conversion.

How old are guinea pigs in human years? Guinea pig age chart

Unlike humans, rodents undergo non-linear development during their growth process. Specifically, they have an accelerated childhood phase, during which their aging process is considerably faster than a human's. However, as rodents mature into adulthood, their aging rate slows down. On average, guinea pigs live anywhere from 5 to 7 years.

Below, you can see the guinea pig age chart that our tool is based on:

Guinea pig age

Human age

1 month

14 years

2 months

20 years

4 months

26 years

6 months

32 years

8 months

38 years

10 months

44 years

1 year

50 years

2 years

68 years

3 years

92 years

4 years

116 years

5 years

140 years

6 years

164 years

7 years

188 years

Can't find the age of your guinea pig in the chart? Then let our guinea pig years to human years calculator do the conversion for you!

How do I take care of an aging guinea pig?

As your precious guinea pig ages, it is essential to put extra effort into making sure your furry friend has the care it needs. Some of the steps you can take to make your guinea pig's life more comfortable are:

  • Consult with your veterinarian regarding vitamin C levels in the diet. Since older guinea pigs are more prone to developing arthritis, vitamin C can assist in reducing inflammation. Although note that excess vitamin C intake may lead to kidney and bladder stones.
  • Try to weigh your guinea pig frequently. Older guinea pigs are more likely to develop various health issues, and rapid weight loss could be one of the indicators that you may need to visit your local veterinarian.
  • Ensure your guinea pig is eating and drinking appropriate amounts. You can do so by portioning your guinea pig's pellets and water in a measuring cup and marking it at the beginning of the day. Then, at the end of the day, use the same cup to observe how much water and pellets your guinea pig has consumed. If your fluffy friend stopped consuming food and water, it's time to visit the veterinarian.
  • Try to be observant of your guinea pig's eyes. If you notice your guinea pig's eyes as cloudy, white, or opaque, it may indicate cataracts.
  • Ensure that bedding for your guinea pig is soft and comfortable; this helps reduce pressure on limbs.
  • You may also need to rearrange your guinea pig's cage to avoid your guinea pig getting entangled in anything due to joint problems and an inactive lifestyle at an older age.

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How do I tell my guinea pig's age?

To tell the age of your guinea pig:

  1. Check their size. When guinea pigs are born, their average size/length is 3-4 inches, but by 14 months, they're more than 8 inches.
  2. Check their teeth – older guinea pigs are larger and have a yellow tint.
  3. Check their nails – older guinea pigs have thicker and rounded nails with yellow coloring than young guinea pigs.

How old is a five-year-old guinea pig in human years?

A five-year-old guinea pig in human years is around 140 years old. It's worth noting that guinea pigs beyond five are considered seniors. To learn more about the conversion of guinea pig age to human years, check out the Omni guinea pig years to human years calculator!

How old is a two-year-old guinea pig in human years?

Compared to humans, rodents have an accelerated childhood phase characterized by a faster aging process than humans – for instance, a two-year-old guinea pig is approximately 68 years old. To accurately convert guinea pig age to human years, visit the Omni guinea pig years to human years calculator!

How long do guinea pigs live?

Depending on the care quality (i.e., appropriate habitat, diet, etc.) and genetics, guinea pigs can live anywhere from 5 to 7 years. However, the oldest guinea pig recorded was almost 15 years old.

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