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Hamster Age Calculator

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What is the life expectancy of a hamster? Hamster years to human yearsHamster — an ideal pet for who?Hamster age calculatorWhat are the signs of aging in hamsters?FAQs

How old is my hamster? If you've ever found yourself asking this question, this hamster age calculator will answer all of your queries. Hamster life expectancy is much lower than humans, cats and even dogs, as it is, in general, between 2 and 3 years.

Have you ever wondered how old the oldest hamster is? The oldest hamster ever to live in captivity was 4.5 years old and lived in the UK. An old hamster age differs based on their type, e.g., some Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster live only one year, while Chinese Hamsters have a life expectancy is up three years.

Below you'll find a hamster age chart, some tips to identify if your pet has reached old age, and, of course, some tips on how to use the hamster age calculator. You will also find out what the lifespan of a hamster is.

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What is the life expectancy of a hamster? Hamster years to human years

Hamsters live on average 2.5-3 human years. However, they do not age at exactly the same rate as us; when they're young, they age much faster than when they are adults. The differences are present in the hamster age chart below:

Hamster age

Human age

1 month

14 years

2 months

20 years

4 months

26 years

6 months

34 years

8 months

42 years

10 months

50 years

12 months

58 years

2 years

70 years

3 years

100 years

Our hamster calculator uses the above table to estimate how old a hamster is in human years.

Hamster — an ideal pet for who?

Several factors may impact your choice of pet or make you rethink your first idea:

  1. Hamsters live, on average, 2-3 years. That's not too long, so it may be perfect for someone not looking for a long-term commitment. On the other hand, be careful with children who may become attached easily and then have problems understanding the death of their pet friend. It is, therefore, essential to keep in mind what the lifespan of a hamster is.

  2. Hamsters live a nocturnal life, which means they wake up in the evening and go running and squeaking till way after midnight. Therefore, if you are looking for a daily companion, think of a different pet. However, if you stay up late and would like to have someone to talk to during these hours, a hamster is a great choice!

  3. These animals are tiny and fragile — if you have kids, you need to be highly cautious and teach them how to pet, feed, and hold those tiny creatures. Do you remember how old is the oldest hamster? Always aim to beat this record!

  4. Expenses — as with any animal, you need to have some spare money for extra expenses, mainly food, treats, cage, bowls, and toys. Yet, if anything happens, be prepared for additional costs spent at the vet. You can check how much food a dog needs with our dog food calculator.

Hamster age calculator

As you can see above, estimating a hamster's age in human years is not that easy. Aging is not proportional to humans, which is why we designed this hamster age calculator.

To find about how old a hamster is in human years, all you need to fill in is the hamster's age in days, months, or years. The hamster age calculator will automatically find the corresponding value in human years.

What are the signs of aging in hamsters?

The process, although it comes earlier than in humans, looks quite similar to ours. How can you recognize that oldest hamster?

  • Less active — The hamster goes to the exercise wheel less often, gets tired earlier, and sleeps more.
  • Eats less — Decreased appetite is connected to lower activity levels and a decreased body mass.
  • Loses weight.
  • Dental and vision problems — Teeth may become crooked, fall out, or even overgrow (remember that a hamster's teeth never stop growing). Regarding the eyes — as in humans, the most common cause of vision loss is cataracts.
  • Worsened skin and hair conditions — Fur is thinner and you may see parts of skin through it.
  • Arthritis — Difficulties while moving or running.

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How to tell the how old your hamster is?

To tell how old your hamster is, you can use the rough estimate that 14 days in hamster age is one year in human years. To see how a hamster ages, follow these steps:

  1. Ears and eyes. If the hamster's ears are closed, it's younger than one week.
  2. Food. A hamster starts eating solid foods at one week of age, yet it continues on mother's milk until it's one month old.
  3. Fur. You may notice thinning, less shiny hair, with some skin visible through the fur, once your hamster gets into his elderly age.
  4. Habits. If the hamster becomes slower and does not want to exercise as much as before, it may be reaching old age.

What age to buy a hamster?

Buy a hamster that is 5-6 weeks old, preferably. At four weeks in general, the hamster stops sucking milk and is separated from its mother. Then, after a week or two of getting stronger, more curious, confident, and playing with its brothers/sisters, the hamster is ready to go to a new home.

They may be a bit shy initially, so give them time to adjust to the situation.

How to take care of hamster?

There are a few rules you need to follow to correctly care for your pet:

  1. Give fresh water every day.
  2. Clean the food dish each week.
  3. Change soiled or wet parts of the bedding if needed.
  4. Change the whole bedding every week.

How much does a hamster cost?

A hamster costs between $5 and $10. The additional costs are food, cage, toys, and vet visits.

  • Initial expenses: cage, wheel, toys, etc., may reach up to $200, depending on the quality and the number of things you buy.
  • Monthly expenses: food and bedding should be around $10 per month.
  • Additional expenses: always think of anything unpredictable, such as a health issue, a need to buy new toys, or change to another type of food (e.g. if the hamster becomes allergic to something).

How old is 6 month hamster in human years?

A 6 month old hamster is 34 years old. Hamsters don't age proportionally; a one-year-old pet would be 58 human years old, while at two years it is 70 human years old.

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