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Cost of Owning a Dog Calculator

Created by Mariamy Chrdileli
Reviewed by Anna Szczepanek, PhD and Rijk de Wet
Last updated: Jun 05, 2023

Welcome to the Omni's annual cost of owning a dog calculator! 🐢 Having a fluffy four-legged companion that loves you unconditionally sounds like a dream. However, keeping your furry best friend happy and healthy often costs quite a bit. Especially considering that medium-sized dogs can live from 10 to 13 years!

Since having a dog is associated with many expenses, you have probably wondered what the average cost of owning a dog is. πŸ’° Look no further β€” our cost of owning a dog calculator will help you determine how much a dog costs per year! Whether you already own a dog or are considering getting one, read on to learn about the items that will contribute to the annual cost of owning a dog, one time-expenses, and more!

A new dog parent? Learn about one time expenses

If you took a tail wagging of your neighbor's dog personally 🐩, and now you're taking steps to adopt a doggy, there are certain initial expenses you need to consider. Usually, most of these expenses will be one-time investments, including some equipment.

  • Vaccinations. πŸ’‰ if you're getting a puppy, you will have to vaccinate it, typically four times during the puppyhood, starting from six to eight weeks until the puppy turns 20 weeks. Afterward, your veterinarian will recommend booster vaccinations from time to time (on average 1 to 3 years) to further increase your pup's immunity against various antigens.
  • Bedding. As a first-time doggy parent, you will need to purchase an appropriate size bedding, according to the size of your dog. Prices may vary widely, but the more durable bed you get, the more comfortably your doggy will sleep β€” so it's worth the investment, especially considering good sleep may even improve your dog's memory. 🧠
  • Crate. Most dog trainers, as well as veterinarians, recommend crate training for dogs. Crates can serve as a comfortable and safe space for your dog, where they can settle down and relax safely.
  • Lead. You'll also need a well-fitted collar, identity tag, and an appropriately sized leash. Leash training is essential to promote cooperation between you and your doggy.
  • Grooming equipment. Don't forget about grooming! It maintains your dog's coat and skin healthy and shiny.
  • Bowls. You will need feeding and drinking bowls. Most dog owners recommend pet food bowls made of stainless steel due to their durability and lightness.
  • Neutering/Spaying. Some dog owners consider an option of neutering or spaying their dogs to prevent overpopulation of doggies, which often results in overfull shelters.

Besides one-time expenses, the annual cost of owning a dog involves other expenses, such as food, toys, wellness check-ups πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ, heartworm disease prevention, grooming appointments, and more! Read on to find out about other expenses that contribute to the annual cost of owning a dog.

What is the average cost of owning a dog? Annual cost of a dog

Other items that contribute to the annual cost of owning a dog are the following:

  • Kibble. Although there are different diets that you can discuss with your veterinarian, kibble is the most popular food dog owners utilize. It's a cost-effective and stable source of nutrition for dogs. To determine how many calories your dog should consume a day, use dog calorie calculator.
  • Treats. A great training tool for dogs. Many dogs are food-driven and therefore prefer to have food as a reward for desired behavior.
  • Dental-care. 🦷 Your dog's health is highly affected by its dental hygiene. Veterinarians recommend taking your furry friend for professional teeth cleaning once a year. Although dental services may seem to significantly increase the average cost of owning a dog, they are essential for preventing plaque, which may cause organ damage if left untreated!
  • Flea-control and heartworm prevention. You should consider investing in heartworm prevention medication, as well as flea and tick control products.
  • Wellness check-ups. To ensure your dog is not experiencing unnoticed health issues, make sure to take your dog to yearly wellness check-ups. These check-ups are not pricey if your veterinarian does not suspect any severe health complications. In addition, you can use the dog quality of life calculator to determine the quality of life of your dog. However, this tool should not replace wellness check-ups.
  • Toys. Toys are great tools for keeping your dog active and stimulated. Toys also keep dogs from damaging your furniture due to boredom. Mental and physical stimulation is essential if your doggy is left alone often due to your busy schedule. Even if your dog keeps destroying new toys you're getting, they are still worth including in the annual cost of owning a dog.

How does the cost of owning a dog calculator work?

The Omni cost of owning a dog calculator helps you determine how much a dog costs per year by adding up expenses associated with dog ownership. Our calculator will present you with default average prices if you're from the US. Otherwise, we set prices to zero. You can calculate how much a dog costs per year in your country by entering prices that fit your location.

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Mariamy Chrdileli
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Your dog's size πŸ•
Enter and adjust prices of the given dog-related items and scroll down to see the total cost of owning a dog!
If you need help estimating the size of your dog, try Omni's dog size calculator.
βš•οΈ Medical expenses
Dental care
Flea and tick control
Heartworm prevention
Wellness check-ups
Consider pet insurance to cover your veterinary costs.
🍽️ Food
Treats (including dental chews)
Keep in mind that "premium" kibble may be double in price.
πŸ’… Grooming
Grooming service
A number of grooming appointments per year
The frequency with which you should take your pooch to a grooming saloon may depend on the type of coat and breed of your dog.
🧺 Equipment
Grooming equipment
Leash, collar, identity tag
Total price of medical expenses
Total price of grooming
Total price of food
Total price of equipment
Total price of owning a dog
Note that these are just estimates β€” the cost may vary depending on your location and on the brands you buy.
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