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If you're wondering 'how much Metacam to give a dog?', our Metacam dosage calculator for dogs is a tool for you. Reading on, you'll find answers to many questions about this dog painkiller - from the meloxicam veterinary use, through what dose of meloxicam is safe for dogs, up to if you can give a dog human meloxicam.

We try to do our best when creating our calculators — however, you must remember that they cannot replace actual medical advice and cannot serve as a sole source of clinical decisions. Contact your vet in case of any doubt.

Metacam (meloxicam) veterinary use

Metacam is a brand name for the drug meloxicam, a good pain medicine for dogs and other animals. It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

Metacam for dogs is used to treat the following:

  • Acute pain after injury or surgery;
  • Chronic pain; and
  • Osteoarthritis.

Other dog painkillers include tramadol (find out the dose in the tramadol for dogs calculator), carprofen, and deracoxib.

Using Metacam dosage calculator for dogs

Using our calculator is really simple:

  1. Input your dog's weight. You can switch between lb, lb/oz and kg - whichever is most comfortable.
  2. Input the type of meloxicam veterinary medicine you've got - solution or tablets.
  3. If you've chosen a solution, input its strength.
  4. Take a look at the bottom of the calculator. You immediately see the doses and amounts of medicine to give.
  5. You can see two different doses. On the first day of therapy, the Metacam canine dosage is greater than on the rest of the days.
  6. Now you know how to use the Metacam dosage calculator for dogs!
  7. Want to know more? Check out the dog BMI calculator and find out if your dog has a healthy weight.

Metacam tablets dosage for dogs

Metacam tablets are not as easily divisible as the solution. While estimating the dosage, we usually round it up to 0.5 of a tablet. Take a look at the Metacam tablets dosage for dogs chart.

Number of chewable tablets


1 mg tablets

2.5 mg tablets

8.8-15.4 lb (4-7 kg)


15.5-22.1 lb (7.1-10 kg)


22.2-33.1 lb (10.1-15 kg)


33.2-44.1 lb (15.1-20 kg)


44.2-55.1 (20.1-25 kg)


55.2-77.2 lb (25.1-35 kg)


77.3-110.2 lb (35.1-50 kg)


How to give Metacam to my dog

Use the measuring syringe. You can place the drops onto the dog's food or directly into the mouth. If you have a small dog (<10 lb/ 4.5 kg), never put the medication into the dog's mouth - you want to prevent accidental overdosing.

Metacam tablets are meat-flavored, and most dogs will voluntarily eat them.


Is meloxicam safe for dogs?

Given correctly and under veterinarian surveillance, meloxicam is a safe drug for dogs. However, like with any other drug, you should observe your pet for any potential adverse reactions. The most common ones include vomiting and diarrhea.

What dose of meloxicam is safe for dogs? It's 0.09 mg/lb of the dog's weight on the first day and 0.045 mg/lb on all days after day 1.

In case of overdose, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

How do I count a dosage of Metacam for a dog that weighs 32 lb?

The dog painkiller dose for day 1 is 2.88 mg, and for the next days - 1.44 mg.

To count dog meloxicam dose:

  1. The first-day dose is 0.09 mg/lb. Multiply the dog's weight by 0.09 mg.
    32 × 0.09 mg = 2.88 mg
  2. For the doses after day 1, the dosage is 0.045 mg/lb. Multiply the dog's weight by 0.045 mg.
    32 × 0.045 mg = 1.44 mg

How much Metacam do I give a dog of 9 lbs?

The dose for the first day is 0.09 mg/lb, and for the days after day 1 - 0.045 mg/lb.

To determine a Metacam canine dosage for a dog that weighs 9 lbs:

  1. To count the dose for day 1, multiply the dog's weight by 0.09 mg.

    first dose = 9 × 0.09 mg = 0.81 mg

  2. To calculate the dose for the following days, multiply the dog's weight by 0.045 mg.

    dose after day 1 = 9 × 0.045 mg = 0.4 mg

  3. Alternatively, you can use our Metacam dosage calculator for dogs.

Can I give my dog human meloxicam?

No. Don't give human meloxicam to your dog. The dosage for dogs and humans is drastically different. Giving a dog a human tablet would likely lead to an overdose.
Contact the veterinarian immediately if you think or know your dog had too much meloxicam.

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