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Rabbit Cage Size Calculator

Created by Emma Genchin
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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

The rabbit cage size calculator is a perfect tool if you plan on buying a cage for your rabbit and creating a suitable living environment. Our calculations will provide you with the minimal size of the cage that your rabbit needs.

When rabbits live in a space that is too small, they can develop:

  • Medical conditions;
  • Obesity;
  • Spine problems; or
  • Behavioral problems.

So, how big should a rabbit cage be? Well, it depends on the size of the rabbit, but the main objective is to make your bunny feel comfortable with your rabbit cage setup.

Read on to learn more about how to build a rabbit cage or answer the question what do rabbits need in their cage? We also describe how our tool can find the rabbit cage size in centimeters (cm) or feet (ft). Be sure also to check the rabbit color calculator, where we investigate the genes of rabbits responsible for their colors!

How big should a rabbit cage be?

There isn't a standardized set of regulations specifically for rabbit cages that applies universally, and it can vary depending on the country. However, there are general guidelines provided by animal welfare organizations, rabbit breeders' associations, and veterinarians who specialize in rabbits. In particular, if you want to know how much space a rabbit needs in its cage, you will need to take your rabbit's size into consideration.

There are a lot of cages for rabbits that aren't really ideal for them. Some are too small, and others don't provide much comfort to the rabbit. Generally, the cage should be at least four times the size of the rabbit. Rabbits should be able to:

  • Hop around and take three hops from one end to another;
  • Lay down easily, fully stretching out; and
  • Stand on their hind legs without touching the top and without folding their ears against the roof.

Rabbits are active and social animals. They need somewhere to eat, drink, sleep, rest, hide when needed, and go to the toilet. However, it's not enough! They also need room for exercise so that they can hop around, run, and play for a minimum of 4 hours per day. The suggested exercise area for one rabbit is between 24-32 square feet or 2.2-3 square meters and should be larger if you want to accommodate multiple rabbits.

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What do rabbits need in their cage?

In every cage, there should be enough room for the following:

  • A hide box and sleeping area;
  • Feed and water bowls;
  • A litter tray (preferably placed far away from the food); and
  • An area for pellets and hay.

The rabbit should have enough room to move around and have the possibility to play with toys for mental stimulation. Rabbits enjoy playing with tunnels, castles, digging boxes, sticks, and toys they can throw and chase.

Rabbits are most active in the early mornings and late evenings, and they may become frustrated if confined to a small area during those times of the day. You will need to take those parameters into account when you ask yourself how big do rabbit cages need to be?

How to build a rabbit hutch for a young rabbit?

If the rabbit is still young, it is necessary to estimate its eventual adult size. This will help in buying a large enough rabbit cage design by the time they reach their full adult weight. When the rabbit is about 4 months old, they are approximately half of their adult weight. Then, at 6-8 months old, rabbits are approximately 2/3 of their adult weight.

How big do rabbit cages need to be for young rabbits?

It should be straightforward to estimate it from the above information. The general rule is to use the rabbit cage design for a rabbit two times bigger than your 4-month rabbit or time and a half bigger than your 6-8 month rabbit.

If you want to learn more about the habits of rabbits, check out our rabbit gestation calculator!

How to use the rabbit cage size calculator

To use the rabbit cage size calculator and determine how big rabbit cages need to be for one rabbit, you should measure the rabbit's length, height, and single hop distance:

  1. Measure the rabbit's length when it is lying down, from the most anterior point to the most posterior part of the rabbit. By default, we assume 2 ft (~60 cm) for small rabbits and 3 ft (~90 cm) for larger ones.

  2. Try to measure how far your bunny can hop (the Rabbit House provides an example of how to do this). We consider 1.5 ft (~45 cm) hop for small and 2 ft (~60 cm) for bigger rabbits.

  3. Measure your rabbit's height when it stands on its hind legs, from the floor to the top of the ears.

  4. Enter the obtained values in the rabbit cage size calculator and read the results. You can switch between various units, e.g., to find the rabbit cage size in centimeters or inches.

Taking measurements of a rabbit to design a custom cage.

These calculations and guidelines are intended to provide a minimum standard of care. Providing a larger cage or additional space is always beneficial for the rabbit's well-being. Also, remember about the exercise space that should provide greater space for your bunny's activities.

How many rabbits can live together in one cage?

The hutch dimensions from the rabbit cage size calculator are, by design, correct for one rabbit, although you can also use it to find the rabbit cage size for 2 rabbits. They don't need twice as big a hutch to feel comfortable.

However, if you want to accommodate more rabbits in one cage, you should provide them with more living space. Remember that the rabbits can be territorial and might not like an additional friend in their cage. You should also consider spaying and neutering the rabbits to avoid uncontrolled breeding.


What is a rabbit hutch?

A rabbit hutch is a cage for domestic rabbits, although it can be used for other animals, such as guinea pigs or hamsters. It should be big enough to accommodate at least one rabbit with a suitable living environment.

To answer, what size hutch does a rabbit need?, you need to measure the rabbit and use the rabbit cage size calculator or read a guide about how to build a rabbit cage.

How big should a rabbit cage be for a single bunny?

As a rule of thumb, a rabbit cage should have the dimensions of 2×4.5×3 ft or 135×60×90 cm for one small rabbit. More specifically:

  1. The length of the rabbit cage should be at least 3 times the rabbit's hop distance.
  2. The width should be equal to rabbit length while lying.
  3. The height must be at least as high as the standing rabbit, but it may be higher for better comfort.

Note these are minimal dimensions. To answer, what size hutch does a rabbit need?, precisely, you should contact rabbit experts who know more about their behavior and habits.

How long cage do I need if rabbit hops 2 ft a time?

The rabbit cage should be at least 6 ft long to allow three hops of the rabbit hopping 2 ft at a time. For better comfort, you should consider extending the length to four times the hopping distance, i.e., 8 ft. Don't forget to make the hutch wide and high enough!

What to put in bottom of rabbit cage?

In the bottom of the rabbit cage you can put, e.g., straw, hay, cardboard, or fleece. In general, it should be non-toxic and absorbent materials that are safe to eat and can absorb fluids. Be sure to replace it from time to time!

How often should I clean my rabbits cage?

As a general rule, you can clean your rabbit's cage and replace its bottom once every two weeks. However, you should do it more frequently if you have a rabbit cage size for 2 rabbits or even more.

A good idea is to make some small daily cleanings to prevent the mess from building up so you can do your deep cleaning less often.

Should I cover my rabbits cage at night?

It is sometimes recommended to cover your rabbit cage at night, for example, with a blanket. It creates a dark and warm environment that may improve the sleep of your rabbits.

On the other hand, rabbits can naturally warm up with straw or hay, and they cannot see in the dark, which could make them nervous. Some people say that putting a blanket on the rabbit cage can also reduce the airflow, which can have harmful consequences for their respiratory system.

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