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Last updated: May 17, 2024

Welcome to Omni's llama calculator, a simple tool for you to determine when you should expect a delivery of a baby llama or alpaca (also called a cria). πŸ¦™

If you're a proud owner of llamas and alpacas, you know that these adorable camelids can be a versatile addition to your farm. Whether you're planning to breed your llamas and alpacas, or you just want to find out for how long a llama is pregnant, our llama calculator will help you to determine their gestation period. Keep in mind that although they are different species, llamas and alpacas have similar gestation periods!

Come along to learn more about the llama gestation period, alpaca pregnancy signs, alpaca pregnancy length, and more!

πŸ™‹ Llamas and alpacas are a part of the camel family, and although they have similar gestation periods, they differ in physiological features and are often bred for different purposes. For example, some farmers use llama's fur to produce thick wool, while alpaca fiber is finer and hypoallergenic. 🧢

Llama and alpaca gestation period

If your precious camelid is ready to produce offspring, and you are impatient to welcome a cute little cria, here is some information related to llama and alpaca pregnancy that you may find helpful:

  • The breeding age of llamas and alpacas starts from 18 to 24 months, when llamas weigh around 80 kg and alpacas 40 kg.
  • When female llamas and alpacas are ready to mate, they are receptive to a male and get into a prone position (also known as the "Cushing" pose).
  • Implantation occurs around 30 days after mating β€” although 15 days after a successful initial breeding, llamas and alpacas stop being receptive to males' attempts to mount.
  • A llama's gestation period, similar to an alpaca's gestation period, lasts on average 342 days, but keep in mind that the normal gestation period of camelids can range from 332 to 352 days. This means that pregnancy length of alpacas and llamas is around 11 to 12 months. πŸ“…
  • During the gestation period, on top of a regular diet, you can feed your alpacas and llamas a small amount of alfalfa, a perennial flowering plant that is full of protein, vitamins, and minerals!
  • Usually, most camelids give birth during daylight, β˜€οΈ and the whole labor process from start to finish can last up to 12 and a half hours.

How to use this llama calculator?

Our llama calculator is very straightforward! All you need to do is mark your llama's or alpaca's mating date on the calendar, and it will give you the exact date of when you should be expecting your cria. The calculation is executed by adding 342 days to the mating date, i.e., the llama/alpaca pregnancy length.

As a bonus, the llama calculator will also tell you a range of possible dates when your baby llama or alpaca may be arriving.

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How long is a llama pregnant?

On average, a llama pregnancy length is around 11 months. Accurate early pregnancy diagnosis can be carried out using ultrasonography 34 days after mating.

How many llamas do llamas give birth to?

Llamas usually give birth to one baby llama (cria) at a time, although llamas can also have cria twins in sporadic cases.

What are alpaca pregnancy signs?

Alpaca pregnancy signs include, but are not limited to:

  • Enlarged teats;
  • Puffiness of the vulva;
  • Behavioral changes such as rejecting male alpacas by spitting, kicking, or jumping around;
  • Displaying signs of discomfort and restless behavior such as laying down and getting up often (although common during the alpaca gestation period, consult with your veterinarian to see whether other health complications are present!);
  • Decreased interest in food;
  • Increased frequency of humming; and
  • Withdrawal from rest of the herd.

What is an alpaca's pregnancy length?

The duration of an alpaca's pregnancy is 11 months on average. Alpacas that are mated in spring may have 12.5 days longer gestation period compared to alpacas that are mated in autumn.

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