This corn yield calculator estimates the amount of corn produced in a field based on the results of a 1/1000 acre sample. Our tool returns an estimate of the bushels of corn, depending on the size of your land. Moreover, in the article below, you will find information on how our corn yield estimator works, how many ears of corn there are in a bushel, and how much does a bushel of corn cost.

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Corn yield formula - corn yield estimator

Our corn yield calculator estimates the amount of corn produced in a field using the following corn yield formula:

yield (bushels) = field size * (KPE * ears * 1000) / kernels size


field size is the cultivated area expressed in acres;

KPE is the kernels per ear in the 1/1000 acre sample; and

ears is the number of ears of corn in the 1/1000 acre sample.

We use following kernels sizes:

  • Small - 120,000 kernels in a bushel;

  • Medium - 90,000 kernels in a bushel; and

  • Large- 80,000 kernels in a bushel.

Corn yield calculator

To find out how much corn your field produced, enter the following information into our corn yield estimator:

  1. The number of kernels per ear in your 1/1000 acre sample.

  2. The number of ears of corn in your 1/1000 acre sample.

  3. The size of the field. You can use different units thanks to our area units converter that is build into this corn yield calculator.

  4. Choose the size of the kernels. Choose from three different sizes: small (120,000 kernels in a bushel), medium (90,000 kernels in a bushel), or large (80,000 kernels in a bushel).

After entering all the necessary information, you will get two results:

  • Number of bushels per acre; and

  • The total number of bushels for the whole land.

How many ears of corn in a bushel?

A bushel is a measure of volume, that can be used for liquids, fruits, and dry goods, like corn.

One bushel of corn weighs 56 lb (25.4 kg). As an 8-inch (20.3 cm) ear of corn contains about 0.5 pounds (0.23 kg) of corn grain, approximately 112 ears of corn would equal one bushel.

How much is a bushel of corn?

As mentioned in the paragraph above, 1 bushel of corn weighs 56 pounds (25.4 kg). The prices of 1 bushel of corn varied historically, but in the past five years (2015-2020), the average price of one bushel of corn ranged from 3 to 4 US dollars.

How many kernels on an ear of corn?

Corn kernels are the fruits of corn. One ear of corn contains approximately 800 kernels in 16 rows.

To calculate how many kernels there are on an ear of corn, count the number of rows and kernels-per-row. Then multiply those two numbers together.

Average corn yield per acre

According to Ag Professional, the average world corn yield is about 85 bushels per acre. Corn yields increase by between 1.3 percent and 1.4 percent per year, which is a faster pace than the growth of the world's population. This allows for a small increase in corn consumption with no increase in the corn area. The USA is currently the world's largest producer and exporter of corn, with 366.6 million metric tons produced in the 2018/2019 season.

Just in case you want to grow a different kind of crop, you can also measure the corresponding vegetable yield that you'd get!

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