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Created by Julia Kopczyńska, PhD candidate
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Last updated: Jun 12, 2023

If you want to know how to dilute your primary solution to receive the desired amount of cells in a set volume, this cell dilution calculator is just right for you! Apart from using this tool as a cell suspension dilution calculator, it can also be used as a cell concentration calculator.

We will also show you how to calculate the dilution factor for cell counting and why it might be relevant for you. In order to use this calculator, you only need to know three out of the following four variables:

  • Concentration of the primary solution;
  • Diluting volume;
  • Final volume; and
  • Final concentration of the suspension.

What is the cell dilution calculator?

Often, whether for an experiment or as a teaching example, we need to obtain a solution with a given concentration and thus need to know the exact amount of the initial solution to be aliquoted. This cell dilution suspension calculator can be, therefore, of great help for your study 👩‍💻 or everyday laboratory tasks 🔬

How to use the cell dilution calculator

You can use our cell suspension dilution calculator in different ways:

  1. To calculate the cell dilution — this way, you can find out how much volume of your primary solution is required to obtain the final concentration of cells. You might also find this bacteria growth calculator interesting!

  2. To determine the initial concentration, i.e., as a cell concentration calculator.

  3. It can also help find the final concentration. If you want to learn more about the concentration of chemical solutions, you can check out our concentration calculator!

  4. Finally, you can use it to calculate the final volume of the suspension!

Feed our calculator with any data you have and let it do the computations for you!

How to calculate cell dilution

The formula for calculating cell dilution is very straightforward and commonly used for dilution calculations of various kinds:

C1×V1=C2×V2C_1 \times V_1=C_2 \times V_2


  • C1C_1 — Stands for the initial concentration;
  • V1V_1 — Refers to the aliquoting volume from the initial suspension;
  • C2C_2 — Is the final concentration; and
  • V2V_2 — The final volume.

Tips on how to calculate dilution factor for cell counting

If you want to go further with your result, you can find more information on how to calculate the dilution factor for cell counting dilution factor calculator.

But what do you need the dilution factor for cell counting for, and how to calculate it?

The dilution factor shows you basically the ratio of the concentrated initial suspension to the total volume of the final solution. This information can be useful if you want to perform serial dilutions, especially if the volume for suspending is too low for pipetting.

Here is an example:

You have an initial concentration of 107 cells/ml but want to obtain 100 cells/ml in 1 ml. The dilution factor would be 1:100,000, and if you want to dilute your suspension in one go, it would require you to take 0.00001 ml (= 0.01 μl), which is not very practical. Instead, you can dilute 1:100 three times and 1:10 one time, each time suspending 10 μl of the initial suspension in 990 μl of water buffer and 100 μl in 900 μl, respectively.

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