The cat chocolate toxicity calculator is the easiest way to check whether the amount of chocolate devoured by your cat poses any danger to its health or life. 🐈

"So, can cats eat chocolate?" β€” one may ask.

The article below will answer this and many other questions β€” you'll find out how much chocolate is toxic to cats, how to recognize the symptoms of chocolate poisoning, and what to do if you spot them. 🍫

Is chocolate poisonous to cats?

Yes, it is. As simple as that. Chocolate may contain theobromine and caffeine, substances that may bear serious consequences, to a variety of animals β€” effects of chocolate on cats may include even death.

πŸ’‘ Luckily, cats don't get poisoned as often as dogs do β€” it is because chocolate doesn't taste sweet to them!

What other foods might be dangerous for cats?

Watch out for meals containing coffee, desserts with chocolate or coffee flavor. β˜•

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How much chocolate is harmful to cats?

We can't give you a straightforward answer β€” the deadliness depends on a given type of sweets and the individual weight of your cat. 🍩

Check the Omni chocolate poison calculator on your left to compute the specific numbers.

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How to use the cat chocolate toxicity calculator?

Your cat ate chocolate β€” you need to act quickly!

Evaluate your pet's condition first β€” if anything worries you, call for help immediately. Find out exactly how much chocolate is gone, and open our cat chocolate calculator.

  1. Insert your cat's weight, chocolate type, and the eaten amount, using a unit of your choice.

πŸ’‘ This tool serves as the cat chocolate calculator β€” if you're looking for the dog version, try our canine chocolate tool.

  1. Your results are here β€” copy them carefully, your vet may need them!

    • Total methylxanthine dose β€” The added doses of theobromine and caffeine, per 1 kilogram or 1 pound of the body weight
    • Total methylxanthine received β€” Total of harmful substances received in the entire body.
    • Dose of theobromine/caffeine β€” Amount of substance received, per 1 kilogram or 1 pound of the body weight.
    • Prognosis β€” Expected state of your pet.

We all adore it when the prognosis is good! Would you like to find out more about the best of them?

What are the effects of chocolate on cats?

Chocolate contains methylxanthines β€” substances that may be deadly for cats. Smaller amounts of chocolate may cause symptoms that include:

  • Vomiting and diarrhea;
  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat; and
  • Tremors or seizures.

How long before symptoms of chocolate poisoning in cats occur?

Signs and symptoms of chocolate poisoning in cats usually start within 4 hours of chocolate consumption. However, your cat should be closely monitored for at least 24 h to make sure that it's entirely ok.

Chocolate poisoning symptoms may last for up to 72 h.

How to calculate chocolate toxicity in cats?

  1. Step one: gather data.

    • Find out your cat's weight.
    • Measure exactly how much chocolate is missing.
    • Ask Google about the amount of methylxanthines present in your type of chocolate (look for sites with nutritional information).
  2. Step two: calculations.

Our cat chocolate toxicity calculator uses the following equations:

Theobromine dose = (Chocolate type * Amount eaten) / Weight

Caffeine dose = (Chocolate type * Amount eaten) / Weight

Total dose = Caffeine dose + Theobromine dose


  • Theobromine dose and Caffeine dose are given in mg/kg.
  • Chocolate type means the concentration of theobromine/caffeine in 1 g of a given chocolate product.
  • Amount eaten β€” Given in grams (g).
  • Weight of the pet is given in kilograms (kg).

To evaluate the total toxicity, we need to use the Total dose that we've already calculated:

  • A total dose of <15.01 mg/kg β€” your cat's going to be ok.
  • A dose between 15.01-34.02 mg/kg β€” your pet may suffer from diarrhea and vomiting.
  • A dose between 34.02-45 mg/kg β€” your feline may also suffer from tachyarrhythmia (possibly dangerous, rapid heartbeat).
  • A dose between 45-55.01 mg/kg will cause seizures and tremors.
  • A total dose larger than 55.01 mg/kg may kill your cat.


How dangerous is chocolate to cats?

Chocolate might be extremely dangerous to cats β€” it all depends on a specific kind of chocolate. Lethal dose for a typical, 8.8 lb (4 kg) cat is equal to:

Type of chocolateLethal dose
Milk chocolate97.4 g (3.4 oz)
Dark-sweet chocolate41.6 g (1.5 oz)
White chocolate5668 g (199.9 oz)
60% cocoa26 g (0.92 oz)
72% cocoa21.7 g (0.76 oz)
86% cocoa18.1 g (0.6 oz)

πŸ’‘ One piece of chocolate usually weighs 6 grams (0.21 oz).
Łucja Zaborowska, MD, PhD candidate
Your cat's weight
Chocolate type
Milk chocolate
Amount eaten
Methylxanthines dose
Total methylxanthines received
Methylxantines = Theobromine + Caffeine
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