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The brine calculator calculates the amount of salt and water needed to prepare a perfect brine for fermenting vegetables.

Read the article below to find out what is a brine solution, discover how to calculate brine percentage, and learn how to use salt brine calculator.

What is brine solution?

Brine, or, in other words, salt water, is a highly concentrated water solution of common salt (sodium chloride). Brine is used readily to process food and to cook with.

Below you can find few facts about brining:

  • You can use it to preserve or season food;

  • Pickling is the process of brining various foods. You can be apply it to vegetables, cheeses, and even fruit;

  • Brining can enhance the tenderness and flavor of the food product;

  • You can sometimes add other additional ingredients, like herbs, spices, sugar, caramel or vinegar to improve the taste;

  • Pickling in salt brine is associated with anaerobic fermentation and the production of lactic acid bacteria( those tiny things are really fast at growing in your jar!);

  • Different products require different salt brine solution. We usually ferment most vegetables at around 2.5% – 5%; however, some products (e.g., olives) need 10% brine; and

  • You can add salt directly to prepared vegetables (or other food products), or you can make a salt brine by dissolving salt in the water and submerging the vegetables in it afterwards.

How to calculate brine percentage?

Calculating the salt brine percentage is really easy. The formula looks as follows:

solution = salt/water * 100%


solution is the concentration of the brine solution expressed in %;

salt is the amount of salt expressed in grams; and

water is the amount of water needed to prepare the required solution; expressed in milliliters

The amount of brine you need depends on the quantity of food you want to pickle or ferment. If you want to use a one-liter jar to pickle your food, you need to prepare just under a liter of brine to fill the jar/dish to its' capacity. Remember to take into account the vegetables (or other food) in the jar/dish.

The salt brine calculator

Have you ever come across a recipe that looked really interesting, but it required using a 2% brine, so you decided to give up as you were not sure what that means? This will never happen again - we are here to help you! Next time, just use our brine calculator! Remember that you can perform your calculations in any direction - just fill in the two fields you know.

Here's an example. Let's assume that you need 2.5 liters of 2% brine solution (don't worry, you can switch between different units using our brine calculator).

  1. The equation looks as follows:

solution = salt/water * 100%

  1. As you want to know the amount of salt needed, we have to rearrange the equation:

salt = solution/100 * water

  1. Now we can substitute the variables with our numbers:

salt = 2/100 * 2500

salt = 0.02 * 2500

salt = 50

  1. You need 50 grams of salt to get 2.5 liters of 2% brine solution.

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