Bread Spreads Calculator

Created by Piotr Małek
Last updated: Jul 08, 2020
The bread spread calculator evaluates the cost and usage of your favorite spreads.
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You enter your kitchen, make a cup tea, toast a few slices of bread, and reach for your favorite spread - a big jar of Nutella. You reach into the cupboard, you open it while sipping your tea, and you suddenly feel your heart in your throat. The jar is empty, again! "That's the 4th one this month, (insert rivals name here)!" - you shout. Sound familiar?

Those sweet goodies disappear faster than we can predict, and there's nothing us addicts can do about it. However, to help you keep track of your spending on Nutella, peanut butter, jams, hummus, and some others, we developed this simple calculator.

First of all, choose the type of product you usually spread on your bread. Below, we list the 8 common foodstuffs that feature in this tool. If your favorite spread didn't make the list, you can input its density directly into the density field:

Product Name Density (g/cm3) Density (oz/in3) US teaspoon weight (g) US teaspoon weight (oz)
Nutella 1.200 0.694 6.000 0.212
Peanut butter, smooth style, with salt 1.082 0.625 5.410 0.191
Nuts, almond butter, with salt 1.082 0.625 5.410 0.191
Hummus, commercial 1.014 0.586 5.070 0.179
Ricotta cheese, whole milk 1.048 0.606 5.240 0.185
Cottage cheese, creamed, large curd 0.951 0.550 4.755 0.168
Cheese spread, cream cheese base 0.981 0.567 4.905 0.173
Apricot jam 1.353 0.782 6.765 0.239

We use the conversion that 1 teaspoon is equal to 5 cm3. So, if you do not have the density of the bread spread, but instead have the weight of one teaspoon, just divide the weight by 5, and you'll be good to go! You may also find our grams to cups converter useful if you want to change from teaspoons to cups.

Next, tell us how many slices of bread you put the spread on (crackers will work too!) and how many teaspoons of your spread you apply to each. We also need to know how many people in your household share your addiction and how many times per week you apply spread to your bread (we put 7 days per week as default, but feel free to change it!). Finally - add information about your jar/container capacity and its price. Our tool will tell you how long it will last and an estimate of how much you spend on your spreads.

To make accurate calculations, the densities were provided by We set 3 as the default number of teaspoons used based on various online sources, but of course, this number can be adjusted based on your needs (and how hungry you are!). Keep in mind that values are approximate, so don't risk not having your favorite spread because the calculator told you it would last for one more day. Bon Appétit!

Piotr Małek
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