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How Much Mashed Potatoes Per Person Calculator

Created by Aleksandra Zając, MD
Reviewed by Łucja Zaborowska, MD, PhD candidate and Adena Benn
Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

If you're preparing dinner and wondering how many pounds of mashed potatoes you need, our how much mashed potatoes per person calculator is here for you! 🥔 Find out what the mashed potato serving size is per person, how many lbs of mashed potatoes you need, and even – how to replace milk in the recipe.

Mashed potatoes are delicious, but they're still a side dish. If you're also preparing meat, check how long to cook a turkey or our steak cook time calculator.

How to use the how much mashed potatoes per person calculator

Using our calculator is simple and intuitive:

  1. Enter the number of potato eaters.

  2. Define the mashed potato serving size per person. You can use weight or volume units. Switch between them freely if you wish.

  3. In the next two rows, you'll find the total volume of the dish you need to prepare. Again, use the most convenient way – volume or weight.

  4. The last section touches on the mashed potatoes recipe. You'll see how much potatoes and liquid of choice you need for a classic 1:4 recipe.

  5. We hope you enjoy using the how much mashed potatoes per person calculator as much as the mashed potatoes themselves! 🥔

What is a mashed potato serving size per person?

You already know how many lbs of mashed potatoes you need. But how many potatoes to peel? Unfortunately, it depends. An average potato weighs around 6-10 oz (170-300 g).

To count the exact number of potatoes, you have to divide the total amount by the weight of one potato. Let's reckon you're making dinner for 6, and you want to serve one cup of mashed potatoes to each guest (as a typical serving size is 2/3-1 cup or 6-8 oz). According to the how much mashed potatoes per person calculator, you'll need ~36 oz (~1 kg) of potatoes. That can be 6 (36 oz/6 oz) or 3.6 (36 oz/10 oz) potatoes.

A helpful hint might be peeling the potatoes one by one and weighing them on the way. Or just accept that the kitchen is not a pharmacy and allow for little discrepancies.

If you need to know how many pounds of mashed potatoes per person for Thanksgiving you need, and you'd love to count the size of a turkey, and the number of veggie sides at the same time, try the Thanksgiving calculator.

How to thicken mashed potatoes?

Have you ever had your mashed potatoes can turn out soupy? Have you been wondering how to thicken mashed potatoes? Here are a few ways to fix that:

  • Add cornstarch or flour
    Add one tablespoon at a time to warm potatoes, and don't over-stir.

  • Heat them
    This will help evaporate the extra water. You can use an oven, stovetop, or even microwave. Don't cover the pot, and stir it occasionally.

  • Strain them
    Straining the potatoes will physically remove the excess water. Use a cheesecloth, put your runny potatoes in, and tie the ends of the cheesecloth together, forming a ball. Place it over a strainer and leave for an hour.

  • Add hard cheese
    If you don't mind an extra flavor, parmesan or pecorino are great thickening agents.

  • Add more potatoes
    Use instant potato flakes, or cook more potatoes and mash them into your soupy potatoes.

Why do mashed potatoes turn out runny?

Usually, it's a question of using the wrong kind of potatoes, soggy potatoes, or stirring in too much liquid. Did you know you can even overdo butter? It's usually because converting the amount of butter can be deceptive. Make sure you know how much is a stick of butter and how to convert butter units before you add it to your mashed potatoes.

How many pounds of mashed potatoes do I prepare for four persons?

For four persons, you'd need approximately four cups or 30 oz of mashed potatoes.

  1. One serving of mashed potatoes is roughly one cup or 7 ounces.

  2. To count the total amount, we have to multiply the serving size by the number of people eating.

    Total amount = serving × persons = 1 cup × 4 = 4 cups

    Or, if we go by weight:

    Total amount = 7 oz × 4 persons = 28-30 oz.


How do I make mashed potatoes without milk?

You can make delicious mashed potatoes with any one of the following ingredients:

  • Plant-based milk;
  • Water (yes!) or the water the potatoes have been cooked in;
  • Vegetable (or even meat) broth;
  • Butter;
  • Heavy cream; or
  • Sour cream.

Can I freeze mashed potatoes?

Yes, you can freeze mashed potatoes. Cool it down completely before putting it into the freezer. Consider coating the dish with butter or cream to stay creamy when reheated.

Can dogs eat mashed potatoes?

Mashed potatoes most likely won't hurt your dog, but they're not a healthy food option. Dogs shouldn't eat salt, seasonings, or roasted foods. Also, cream, milk, or butter, ordinary mashed potato ingredients, is something other than what you want to feed your dog.

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