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Planning a taco bar for a crowd? Our taco bar calculator is a perfect tool to help you with just that! 🌮

Are you wondering how many pounds of taco meat per person you need? Are you looking for the most expanded taco bar ingredients list available online? You've come to the right place!

Read on to quickly complete your taco bar grocery list with us and find out how to serve tacos to a crowd, no matter the occasion! And, if you're cooking or baking a lot, check out our cooking measurement converter to precisely measure the amount of every ingredient.

How to use the taco bar calculator?

If you want to know how much meat per person for a taco bar you need to prepare, our taco bar calculator will sort you out! To create a taco bar checklist, just follow the steps below:

  1. Are you preparing a taco bar for 50 people? Simply enter the number of people (50 in this case) you need to feed.
  • You should count kids as 0.5 of an adult.
  1. Choose what kind of meat you're going to use. You can select between ground beef, chicken, hamburger, and shrimp. It's important since the question How many pounds of taco meat per person? depends on the type of the meat.

  2. Decide what ingredients you want to use and prepare the taco bar checklist based on our taco calculator's results. We provide 13 options to choose from - including 4 types of dips and sauces.

  3. The most commonly used ingredients in the taco bar grocery list are:

  • Onions;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Cheese; and
  • Beef.

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How many tacos per person?

We searched the web for the most popular taco recipes: we discovered that a regular person needs 2 taco shells and 1 soft tortilla. The addition of rice is also highly recommended - it's an efficient way to satisfy even the most demanding bellies.

The average cost per person is $9 - tacos for 50 people will cost you an estimated $450.

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How much taco meat per person?

We decided to go further than the regular "How much ground beef per person for tacos you need?" question - we prepared 4 different types of meat to suit all your needs.

We estimated that the average person would need 6.5 oz (184 g) of ground beef or shrimps, 5.0 oz (142 g) of hamburger meat or 5.5 oz (156 g) chicken.

🥩Let's see exactly how many pounds of taco meat for 200 people we need:

  1. Enter the number 200 into our taco meat calculator.
  2. Choose your desired unit of weight.
  3. Choose between:
  • Chicken - 62.5 lb;
  • Hamburger meat - 62.5 lb;
  • Ground beef - 81.25 lb; and
  • Shrimps - 81.25 lb.

Making tacos for a crowd should now be easy with our taco bar calculator! At least you know how many pounds of taco meat per person you need 😀

Making tacos for a crowd - taco bar set up

Tips & recommendations

  1. We recommend that you to set up a long, but thin table. All taco bar ingredients should be within reach of everyone, especially when you're, say, planning a taco bar for 50 people.
  2. There should be some space between all the ingredients.
  3. Avoid overfilling the food bowls!
  4. Create food sections - sauces, meat, and vegetables should always go together.
  5. With the number of guests close to or over 100, prepare to divide the ingredients and prepare a few smaller, separate taco bar tables.
  6. Place the plates and napkins in multiple places around the whole set up.
  7. Remember that your guest will need a lot of drinks! Place them close by.
  8. If you prefer spicy food, make sure to divide your meat into parts, serve them separately, and label (!) them correctly. 🌶️
  9. When asking yourself how much meat per person for a taco bar do I need, think about how many guests are vegetarian and how many are meat lovers. If the number is the same, you won't have to make any corrections.
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