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With this grams to teaspoons calculator, you'll quickly convert between grams - the basic unit of weight (mass) in the metric system - and teaspoons, which are a measure of volume often used in cooking. Wondering how many grams of sugar in a teaspoon? Want to know how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? Have baking powder in grams in a pancake recipe, but you prefer teaspoons? We've taken care of everything! Scroll down to read more about grams to teaspoons conversion or have a quick look at the conversion table for fourteen ingredients which often appear in the teaspoon unit.

How many teaspoons in a tablespoon?

The answer is simple: there are 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon. No matter if you're using metric or US measures - if you're sticking to Imperial, there are always three teaspoons in a tablespoon:

  • 1 tsp (5ml) * 3 = 1 tbsp (15ml)
  • 1 US tsp (4.93ml) * 3 = 1 US tbsp (14.79ml)

One tablespoon is equal to three teaspoons

Be careful, though - staying in the US doesn't exactly mean that you'll find only US teaspoons there. For example, in nutritional labeling and medicine, the teaspoon always has 5 ml, which is simply the metric teaspoon.

But how many teaspoons are in a cup?

There are 16 tablespoons in a cup. Knowing that one tablespoon equals exactly three teaspoons, all we need to do is the multiplication:

  • 1 tbsp = 3 tsp
  • 1 cup = 16 tbsp = 16 * 3 tsp = 48 tsp

So we quickly found out that there are 48 teaspoons in one cup.

How many grams in a teaspoon?

Well, it's impossible to answer without additional information, as it depends on the product density. As you intuitively know, there are differences in the weight of a cocoa powder teaspoon and how many grams of sugar are in a teaspoon. But no worries! This, grams to teaspoons calculator is here to help you. Experiment with our tool, choose different products or type in their density, and we'll find the weight of the ingredient in grams or volume, measured in teaspoons.

If you want to quickly compare how many grams are in a teaspoon of various products, simply have a look at this table:

Ingredient Type 1 teaspoon (approx.)
Water 5 g
Salt 6 g
Sugar granulated 4.2 g
powder 2.8 g
brown 4 g
Instant dry yeast 3 g
Baking powder 4 g
Gelatin 3.6 g
Butter 4.6 g
Oil cooking 4.4 g
olive 4.6 g
sunflower 4.8 g
vegetable 4.4 g
Cacao 2.6 g

As the differences between metric and US tsp are minor when dealing with only one spoon, we've averaged that value. More inconsistencies are brought by differences in density of the products coming from various manufacturers. So remember that the table above (and grams to teaspoons calculator itself) is a rough approximation and can be used in everyday life, but not necessarily when high precision measurements are needed.

Spoons measurement may be especially important when brewing coffee; take a look at our coffee to water ratio calculator and find it our yourself. ☕

How many calories in a teaspoon of sugar?

Thanks to the grams to teaspoons calculator and table you've discovered that a spoon of sugar weights around 4.2 grams. Wondering how many calories are in a teaspoon of sugar? It's estimated that one teaspoon of sugar contains 16 calories, and one tablespoon contains 48 calories.

According to American Heart Association recommendations, we should limit the amount of added sugars to no more than:

  • 100 kcal/day for women (which equals 6 teaspoons / 24 grams)
  • 150 kcal/day for men (which equals 9 teaspoons / 36 grams)

Unfortunately, sugar is added to almost all processed food. Also, we add it ourselves - many people use sugar with e.g. coffee or tea. Researchers found out, that average US coffee drinker is consuming almost three teaspoons of sugar each day and an average tea lover - 2 spoons per day. However, the biggest source of added sugars for Americans are sodas, energy drinks, and sports drinks:

% of daily recommendation
Product Sugar (g) Sugar (tsp) Women ♀️ Men ♂️
12-oz can of Coca-Cola 39 g 9.5 tsp 163 % 108 %
Pepsi-Cola 41 g 10 tsp 171 % 114 %
Dr Pepper 41 g 10 tsp 171 % 114 %
7-up 37 g 9 tsp 154 % 103 %
Mountain dew 46 g 11 tsp 192 % 128 %
Sprite 38 g 9 tsp 158 % 106 %
Lipton Iced tea 32 g 7.5 tsp 133 % 89 %
8.46 fl oz can Monster Energy drink 29 g 7 tsp 121 % 81 %
Red bull 27 g 6.5 tsp 113 % 75 %
Rockstar Energy drink 32 g 7.5 tsp 133 % 89 %

Did you notice that one can of almost any type of soda exceeds our daily recommended amount of added sugar? We didn't count other products eaten every day, such as dairy, cereals, fruit drinks, cakes and candies, dairy desserts... Sum all of those, and the amount of added sugars will shoot through the roof - don't wait any longer, rethink and change your diet!

We can help a bit: whether you try to exercise more or eat healthier, our resolution calculator is a must if you're seeking motivation. Need brutal type of incentive? Have a look at your BMI, body fat and blood sugar calculators. Also, our big collection of sports calculators may be useful to change your lifestyle.

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