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Do or Donut Calculator

By Bogna Haponiuk
You can burn calories in many different ways, some more fun than the others 😈 😇 Do or Donut Calculator finds out, how long it takes to burn all of these Fat Thursday donuts.

Whether you know this feast by the name of Fat Tuesday, Schmotziger Donnerstag or Tłusty Czwartek, you probably look forward to this delicious tradition each and every year. After all, it's a day when the word moderation disappears from our dictionaries, substituted by a multitude of donuts (or doughnuts :P), eclairs, and crullers ready to be devoured.

Still, we tend to feel guilty, asking ourselves how many calories did I eat?, how long does my workout need to be to burn them?, and ultimately - do or DONUT? To this question, we give you a simple answer: donut. Definitely DONUT.

And even if guilt kicks in, make sure to turn burning these calories into something fun! An hour on the treadmill might be a bit more effective, but there are surely more pleasurable ways to deal with post-indulgence regrets ;)


We, the team behind Omni Calculator, believe that the world can be converted into numbers. We try to translate all of our knowledge about the universe into mathematical equations.

In this case, the calculations are fairly simple: we know how many calories do different kinds of donuts have (including the legendary Bismark from Dunkin' Donuts). Additionally, we use Metabolic Equivalent of Task to find out how many calories you burn in different types of physical activity, such as jogging or sex.

So, let's do this! We encourage you to eat all the donuts you want, and burn these calories in the most pleasurable way possible :)

Bogna Haponiuk

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