D100 Dice Roller Calculator

Created by Joanna Śmietańska, PhD candidate
Reviewed by Steven Wooding
Last updated: Jun 05, 2023

This fast D100 dice roller calculator will allow you to throw up to 15 D100 dice at a time.

Whether you play role-playing games, D&D, RPG, Wargame, or Pen & Paper games, our tool allows you to roll up to 15 100-sided dice online. Roll your D100 die now!

What are D100 dice?

The D100 is a special type of ball-like dice with 100 sides. Its shape is known as the "Zocchihedron", but you'll remember it more easily under the commonly used D100 dice or 100-sided dice names. It was introduced in 1985 by Lou Zocchi, and today it is impossible to imagine a D&D game without it.

When you roll D100 dice, you don't have to worry about additional calculations or matching values. You just roll it and use the number that falls out.

When should I roll the D100?

Typically, you'll use D100 to determine percentages, whether for spells-to-hit or level of skill depending on the game you're playing. For example, use D100 to determine whether a wizard will cast a spell correctly. Assuming that the failure rate for the spell is 33%, you have a 67% chance of successfully casting the spell. Roll the D100 dice or use this 100-sided dice roller to get the percentage. If you throw out 25, your spell has failed. If you throw out 70, your spell was cast successfully.

The problem with the D100 dice is that it has a spherical shape and small panels that make it difficult to read the correct result of a throw. However, all you need is a little practice and once you get used to the D100, you can easily read its results.

How to use this D100 dice roller calculator?

Using our D100 dice roller calculator is pretty simple:

  1. Select the number of D100 dice you want to throw, any number from one to 15.

  2. Go to the bottom of the D100 roller, click on "Select", then click "Roll".

  3. The D100 dice roller calculator shows you the sum of the rolled dice values at the bottom. Underneath the total, the calculator shows the result of each die.

  4. To roll the dice again, click on "Roll" and select "Roll" a second time. You can freely change the number of D100 dice. Happy rolling!


Is a D100 0 to 99?

Yes, the D100 die is effectively a roll of 0-99, with 0 being treated as 100. This is a fair die in which you can roll from 1 to 100 with equal chances and no chance of getting a zero.

How can I roll and read D100?

If you have a physical D100 die, just:

  1. Roll it.
  2. Read the number from 0 to 99, where 0 is equal to 100.

If you don't have a physical D100 die:

  1. Take 2 10-sided (D10) dice.
  2. Assign tens to one of them and unities to the other.
  3. Roll them and read numbers, e.g., the result of 3 and 5 will be 35.
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