Thanks to the antilog calculator you can calculate the inverse logarithm function. Calculate the antilogarithm of any number with any arbitrary base - whether it is 10, natural antilog or any other number. If you are not sure what the antilogarithm is, read the description below where we explain everything step by step.

Let's start from the beginning: what is a logarithm?

The logarithm is the inverse function to exponentiation. That means the logarithm of a given number x is the exponent to which the base b must be raised to produce that number x.

y = logbx

The ratio of logarithms is used in logarithmic scale - a nonlinear scale used to compare large range of values. It is widely used in many fields of science:

  • Acoustics (check decibel calculator for sound pressure and sound intensity levels)
  • Chemistry (for instance pH scale; test our arterial and venous blood pH calculators)
  • Probability theory and statistics
  • Number theory
  • Psychology
  • Measuring the earthquake strength

What is antilogarithm and how to calculate it?

As we said, the logarithm is the inverse function to exponentiation, so... Yes, you're right! The antilogarithm is simply the exponentiation! To calculate an antilog of any number y, you need to raise the logarithm base b (usually 10, sometimes e), to the power of y:

x = logb-1(y) = by

Since log and antilog are inverse functions, then this means that x = by = blogbx, and y = logbx = logb(by ).

An example of inverse log calculation

  1. Decide on the number you want to find the antilogarithm of, let's say it's 3.
  2. Type your base - assume we want to calculate the natural antilog. We can enter the approximation of Euler's number which is equal to 2.71828 or just type "e" - the calculator understands it.
  3. The antilog value appears below: it's 20.086 (third power of e).

Wasn't that easy with our antilog calculator?

Hanna Pamuła - PhD candidate.

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