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The heptagon calculator will assist you in finding parameters related to the heptagon shape. Be it the sides of a heptagon or perimeter or area, this calculator can help you with all of that. You can start by entering some numbers in the tool or reading on to understand what a heptagon is.

Heptagon — Area, Perimeter, and Side length

A heptagon is a polygon with 7 sides and 7 angles. The words heptagon and septagon are from Greek and Latin origins, with "hept" and "sept" referring to 7. For a regular polygon with nn sides, the internal and external angles, α\alpha & β\beta are

α=(n2)πnβ=2πn\alpha = \frac{(n - 2)\pi}{n}\\[1em] \beta = \frac{2\pi}{n}

The area and the perimeter, PP of the heptagon (n=7n=7) is

Area=n4×a2×cot(πn)Area=74×a2×cot(π7)Area=3.634a2P=n×aP=7×a\begin{align*} \text{Area} &= \frac{n}{4} \times a^2 \times \cot \left ( \frac{\pi}{n} \right )\\[1em] \text{Area} &= \frac{7}{4} \times a^2 \times \cot \left ( \frac{\pi}{7} \right )\\[1em] \text{Area} &= 3.634 a^2\\ P &= n \times a\\ P &= 7 \times a\\ \end{align*}

Using the heptagon calculator

Let's calculate the area of the heptagon with a side of 8 cm to understand the heptagon calculator usage.

  1. Enter the length of the side, a=8 cma = 8\ \text{cm}.

  2. The perimeter of the heptagon is 8 cm×7=56 cm8\ \text{cm}\times 7 = 56\ \text{cm}.

  3. The area of the heptagon is

Area=74×a2×cot(π7)Area=3.634×82=232.57 cm2\scriptsize \qquad \begin{align*} \text{Area} &= \frac{7}{4} \times a^2 \times \cot \left ( \frac{\pi}{7} \right )\\[1em] \text{Area} &= 3.634 \times 8^2 = 232.57 \text{ cm}^2 \end{align*}
  1. The internal angle, α\alpha and exterior angle, β\beta are 128.57128.57^\circ and 51.4351.43^\circ

  2. The radius of the circumcircle is

R=a2sin(π7)R=82sin(π7)=9.219 cm\scriptsize \qquad \begin{align*} R &= \frac{a} {2\sin(\frac{\pi}{7})}\\[1em] R &= \frac{8} {2\sin(\frac{\pi}{7})} = 9.219 \text{ cm} \end{align*}
  1. The radius of the incircle is
r=a2tan(π7)r=82tan(π7)=8.306 cm\scriptsize \qquad \begin{align*} r &= \frac{a} {2\tan(\frac{\pi}{7})}\\[1em] r &= \frac{8} {2\tan(\frac{\pi}{7})} = 8.306 \text{ cm} \end{align*}

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What do you mean by a heptagon?

A heptagon is a 7-sided polygon. It is also known as septagon. The prefix in the word "hept-" and "sept-" are of Greek and Latin origin, respectively.

How many sides do a heptagon have?

A heptagon has 7 sides. Its figure has 7 sides and 7 angles. The angle between each side of a regular heptagon is 128.57°.

How do I find the area of a heptagon?

To find the area of a heptagon:

  1. Find the square of the side of the heptagon.
  2. Multiply the square by 3.634 to obtain the area of the heptagon.
Rahul Dhari
regular polygon with sides, angles,circumcircle and incircle radii marked.

regular septagon
Side (a)
Circumcircle radius (R)
Incircle radius/ apothem (r)
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