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Last updated: Dec 23, 2022

If you're dealing with a money amount problem and want your answer to be rounded to the nearest cent, this calculator is the tool you need. You only need to input the amount of money to round, and the calculator will do its job.

To know how this calculator works and learn how to round to the nearest cent, keep reading this article, where we explain what rounding to the nearest cent means and present a couple of examples.

What does round to the nearest cent mean

Rounding to the nearest cent implies approximating a money amount to two decimals (which represent the number of cents), applying the following rules:

  • If the third decimal digit is lower than 5, we leave the second decimal digit as it is. E.g., $4.563 ≈ $4.56.
  • If the third decimal digit is 5 or greater, we round up the second decimal digit (increase it by one unit). E.g., $4.567 ≈ $4.57.
    • Additionally, if the second decimal digit is 9, we change it to zero and increase the first decimal digit by one unit. E.g., $3.0975 ≈ $3.10, and $2.797212 ≈ $2.80. If the first decimal digit (and the next ones) is also 9, we do the same for it and the figures to the left of it. E.g., $3.9975 ≈ $4.00, and $2.997212 ≈ $3.00.

The previous rules describe the most common rounding mode: half-up, which rounds "halves" towards the upper neighbor and is used by default in this calculator (you can change it in the advanced mode). Visit our rounding calculator article to learn more about half-up and the other rounding modes.

🙋 If the money amount has fewer than two decimal digits, you don't need rounding, as there are no cents! However, you can pad the number with trailing zeros: they will not change its value!

🙋 As you can see, rounding to the nearest cent is the same as we do in our round to the nearest hundredth calculator but applied to an amount of money.

Other tools beyond this round to the nearest cent calculator


What is the 25% of $13.65 rounded to the nearest cent?

To know what is the 25% of $13.65 rounded to the nearest cent:

  1. Obtain the 25% of $13.65: 0.25 × $13.65 = $3.4125; and
  2. Use our calculator to round to the nearest cent this answer: $3.4125 ≈ $3.41

Therefore, the 25% of $13.65 rounded to the nearest cent is $3.41.

What is $3.0975 rounded to the nearest cent?

$3.0975 rounded to the nearest cent is $3.10. As the third decimal is greater than 5 and the number to round (the second decimal) is 9, we increase the first two decimals by one unit (from 09 to 10).

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