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Last updated: Dec 22, 2022

At some point in our lives, we need to round off numbers, which is why we created a "round to the nearest ten calculator". It is a one-stop solution to rounding numbers to their nearest tens. But if you need to know,

  • The meaning of rounding to ten; or
  • How to round to the nearest ten;

we still have you covered.

Meaning of rounding to ten

Consider the number 32. According to the place value system, it is made of two numbers, 30 at the ten's position and 2 at the one's. The next ten is 40. But now observe, which one is closer to 32? Is it 30 or 40? Yes, you are right, it is 30.

This is the science behind rounding to the nearest ten. The rounding rules apply as usual. But here, you round the ten using the number at one's position. It means that if the number at one's is greater than 4, then we round up. Otherwise, we round down.

Let's consider an example. Suppose you want to round 4747 to the nearest ten.
Note the number at one's, 7, is greater than four. Hence, we round up, and the number 47now becomes 5050.

Suppose another number, 573573. Here the number at one's position is 3, which obviously is less than four. Hence we round down, and the number 573 now becomes 570570. Notice how we didn't use or change the number at the hundred's position; that would only happen if we were rounding to the nearest hundred.

Round to the nearest ten calculator

Our round to the nearest ten calculator is unique but easy to use.
To round to ten, all you have to do is enter your desired number. And that is all.
The rest will be handled efficiently by the tool. The rounded to ten number is displayed in the result.

For instance, you input 76897689; the tool displays the result as 76907690. Since the 9, at one's, is greater than 4, the 89 is rounded up to 90. And the number becomes 7690.

And that is how to round to the nearest ten.

Rounding ride at Omni!

We made sure to create enough rounding tools for you to keep coming back for all your number rounding needs. Here is a list of Omni's rounding calculators:


What is 22 rounded to the nearest ten?

22 rounded to its nearest ten is 20.

Since 20 is closer than 30 to 22, the number is rounded down. But the principle here is to check the number at one's position. If it is greater than 4, the number is rounded up, else rounded down.

How do I convert a number to the nearest ten?

To round a number to the nearest ten, follow the steps:

  1. Note down the number to be rounded;
  2. Identify the number at the one's position
  3. If the one's number is larger than 4, round up the number at the ten. Otherwise, round it down.

Is a number at ten the same as tenth?

No, the number at ten is different than the number at tenth.

In the place value system, the number at ten is the one left to the number at one's.
The tenth number exists only in decimals and is right after the decimal point.

In 85.2, 80 is ten, 5 is one, and 2 is the tenth.

Komal Rafay
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