Percentage Decrease Calculator

By Mateusz Mucha and Dominik Czernia, PhD candidate
Last updated: Nov 03, 2020

The percentage decrease calculator determines the change from one amount to a lesser amount in terms of percent decrease. It is important to understand how to calculate percent decrease manually using the percent decrease formula. The content below will explain these concepts in further detail.

How to calculate percent decrease

  1. Suppose original value is 750 and new value is 590. Input this into the formula below.
  2. Perform the operation 750 - 590 = 160.
  3. Divide 160 by 750 to get 0.213.
  4. Multiply 0.213 by 100 to get 21.3 percent.
  5. Check your answer using the percentage decrease calculator.

So you must provide an original quantity and a new quantity. The new quantity must be less than the original or the change will be an increase. The difference between the quantities is computed, which is divided by the original quantity. The result is multiplied by 100. This can also be accomplished using the percentage difference calculator and the percentage change calculator.

Percent decrease formula

Percent decrease = [(original_value - new_value)/original_value * 100]

The basic a concept of percentage is essentially the portion of one value in terms of another if the original was divided into 100 parts. For example, 3 compared to 50 is 6 compared to 100, which is 6 parts of 100, or 6 percent. The easy way to learn how to find a percentage is to take the partial quantity, divide it by the whole quantity, then multiply the remaining value by 100.

If you want to know how to calculate percent increase you can use the percent increase calculator or work it out by hand. >Another interesting aspect of the percentage decrease calculator is that it displays the difference as well as the percent difference. In some cases, you may only want to know the raw difference, so we have designed the calculator to serve multiple purposes.

Mateusz Mucha and Dominik Czernia, PhD candidate
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